Home Business “Suyuan case” prisoner released from prison next month, has applied for re-employment allowance
"Suyuan case" prisoner released from prison next month, has applied for re-employment allowance

“Suyuan case” prisoner released from prison next month, has applied for re-employment allowance

by YCPress

November 16 According to the Korean “Kookmin Daily” report, “Sowon Case” prisoner Zhao Doushun (68 years old) will be released from prison next month, and has applied for a reemployment project allowance provided by the Korean Ministry of Justice.

According to news from the South Korean judicial circle, the “Sowon case” prisoner Zhao Dousoon has recently submitted an application to the “Embrace Work” project of the Korean Legal Protection Welfare Group under the Ministry of Justice of South Korea. 

This project was established by the Ministry of Legal Affairs of South Korea, and is a government support project for those who are about to be released from prison and who are protected and observed and help them return to society and achieve reemployment. 

Prisoners can obtain reemployment guidance and recommended employment assistance provided by welfare groups by participating in the courses provided by the project.

It is reported that project participants can receive up to 3 million won 3000$ for education expenses and 1.8 million won 1900$ for successful employment subsidies according to different circumstances. 

In addition, you can also get a training allowance 300$, training bonus 110$ and participation in employment guidance allowance 250$. A person from the Ministry of Justice stated that Zhao Doushun has made it clear that he will participate in the project and he also has the qualifications to apply for the project. 

However, considering that Zhao Doushun is now very old and well known to the public. People in the Legal Department are not optimistic about their employment prospects.

Cho Doo-soon kidnapped, raped and injured elementary school students in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea in December 2008, causing them to become disabled. The judge ruled that he was “old age and mentally unstable after drinking”.

In addition to the legal provisions of the Korean sentence at the time, Zhao Douchun was sentenced to 12 years in prison in September 2009 and will be released next month. 

After his release from prison, Zhao Douchun’s photos and other personal information will be published online for 5 years. He also needs to wear an electronic anklet that can be positioned for 7 years.

In July this year, when Zhao Douchun talked with a psychological counselor, he revealed that he would return to Anshan to continue living, which caused social shock. It is understood that the families of the victims of the “Suyuan case” eventually chose to move away from Anshan.