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Sure enough, NATO is inside! After a year of delay, the United States finally

Sure enough, NATO is inside!

by YCPress

Sure enough, NATO is inside.

After a year of delay, the United States finally imposed sanctions on Turkey on the grounds of purchasing Russia’s S-400 air defense system.

A NATO ally actually spent billions of dollars to buy Russian weapons. Do you still have the United States in your eyes?

As the latest sanctions:

  • 1. impose sanctions on the Turkish Defense Industry (SSB).
  • 2. It is forbidden to export weapons to Turkey.
  • 3. Sanctions SSB head Ismail Demir, freeze assets, and cancel visas.
  • 4. Sanction other SSB executives.

Previously, the United States had cancelled its contract to export F-35 fighters to Turkey, and Turkish pilots who went to the United States to study were also expelled back. Now, it is extended to all weapons and also targets important Turkish officials.

Just opened it, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo explained as follows:

Despite our repeated warnings, Turkey continues to purchase and test the S-400 system from Russia. Today’s sanctions against the Turkish SSB indicate that the United States will fully implement the Counterattacking the American Enemy with Sanctions Act (CAATSA) and we will not tolerate (such) major transactions with the Russian military.

The United States has endured it again and again, and now it can’t stand it anymore.

CAATSA, launched by the Trump administration in 2017, has a core line: whoever buys Russian weapons in large quantities, the United States will sanction whoever buys Russian weapons.

Three years later, the United States slashed at Turkey.

Turkey also became the first NATO ally to be sacrificed.

Turkey was angry and immediately condemned the United States for “serious mistakes” and threatened revenge.

You know, Greece also has an S-300. India is still buying the S-400. Has the United States imposed sanctions on Greece and India?

Typical double standards, Turkey does not accept it!

We don’t know how Turkey retaliates.

But one thing is certain: the rift between the two NATO allies has widened again.

Erdoğan was almost overthrown in the Turkish coup in the past few years. At the critical moment, Putin told the secret regardless of the past and saved Erdoğan. What makes Erdoğan more angry is that behind the coup, there seems to be a shadow of the CIA, which makes the relationship between the United States and Turkey deteriorate sharply.

On the one hand, Putin, who sent help in the snow, and on the other hand, the United States, who wanted to serve his job, Erdoğan decided: buy the Russian S-400 instead of the American Patriots.

This is more of a card against the United States, just like Turkey seemed to buy the Red Flag-9 at the beginning. It depends on what you do in the United States?

Naturally, Americans strongly objected. At the 70th anniversary of NATO last year, U.S. Vice President Pence also issued an ultimatum: Turkey must choose either Russia or NATO.

Americans make harsh remarks. Western countries are not too busy to watch the excitement. They should be so cruel to Turkey one after another!

But what happened?

Regardless of Turkey, the S-400 was delivered on time and has now been put into use by Turkey.

In this way, Putin successfully sold $2.5 billion of arms to Turkey, and more importantly, it broke the Russian-made S-400 into NATO countries.

The ultimatum of the United States has become the last joke; the red line of the United States has also been stepped on the dotted line.

Speaking of which, which is the world’s favorite phone porridge with Trump?

Not Shinzo Abe in Japan, or Johnson in England.

It’s Erdogan in Turkey.

Although it is also noisy, the two are still very close to each other.

Last year, at gunpoint from the United States and Russia, Turkey sent troops to Syria to sweep away the Kurdish forces of American allies. Without Trump’s acquiescence, Erdoğan could not have taken such a risk and progressed so smoothly.

Turkey, which goes its own way, has not threatened the United States in the past two years. Trump even claimed last year that if Erdoğan disobeys, he will “completely destroy and destroy” the Turkish economy. But most of the time, it is “a fierce operation, looking back at the pestle in place”, I have to say that this has a lot to do with the close personal relationship between the two people.

But now, the situation has suddenly changed, and the United States has suddenly imposed sanctions. According to media analysis, there are two main reasons.

1. The National Defense Act just passed by the U.S. Congress has a clause requiring sanctions against Turkey. It’s better to take the initiative first than to be passive in the end.

2. The Trump administration has been for more than a month. This kind of digging can make the Biden administration headache, which should be the most popular of Trump and Pompeo.

So, I’m sorry, Erdoğan.

In the past, when the flowers were called sweethearts, but now the new man is better than the old man, he becomes the cow lady. What Trump is going through, and Erdoğan has to go through it. This is life!

The most important thing is what to do next?

Don’t forget that last year when the United States imposed economic sanctions on Turkey, Erdoğan turned around and called Putin on a hotline and then said: If the United States is still so unrighteous, Turkey will look for a new ally…

Turkey does not still have chips in its hands. At present, Turkey is still a NATO ally of the United States, but it is urgent for Turkey. If it completely turns to Russia, it will mean a huge adjustment in the pattern of the Middle East and Eurasia.

For the United States and NATO, it will be a strategic mistake. Don’t forget, in Turkey, the United States also has many important military bases.

At the beginning, Putin sold the S-400 to Turkey, and should not only see a $2.5 billion business, but also a strategic benefit: NATO, you expand your territory in front of my house, and I entered a wedge into NATO’s interior, which was also a return.

No one can easily show weakness.

Erdoğan should see through the United States, withstand pressure, abandon his previous achievements, and even his presidency, which may threaten; but withhold the pressure, the American is a paper tiger.

For Trump, the Western world is watching the United States. If Turkey can’t clean up and people are scattered, the team is really difficult to bring. More importantly, it’s a pleasure to dig a deep hole for Biden.

Of course, from the perspective of personality, one slapped and two rice bowls jingle. Without a fight, maybe there is nowhere to vent their energy. It can also be said that the wicked have their own grinding. Anyway, Comrade Putin will certainly silently add some ingredients to them.

In this world, the horizontal is afraid of death, the weak is hard if you are soft, and the soft is soft! There are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, and there are permanent interests.

The time has come to test Turkey.