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Summary: Sino-French cooperation in the field of climate change has a solid foundation and broad prospects.

by YCPress

December 11th

Paris, December 11th Summary: Sino-French cooperation in the field of climate change has a solid foundation and broad prospects.

Addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions are the top priority of global sustainable development and one of the United Nations sustainable development goals. At the same time, climate change and biodiversity conservation have become indispensable priority issues such as the Sino-French High-level Strategic Dialogue.

Under the framework of the China-France Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, the two countries have established a partnership to address climate change and achieved important cooperation results.

In November 2007, China and France issued a joint statement on addressing climate change; in November 2015, the leaders of the two countries issued a Joint Statement of Heads of State of China and France on Climate Change in Beijing, jointly promoting the process of multiple responses to climate change; at the Paris Climate Conference held in December of the same year, China and France and China The international community has worked together to reach the landmark Paris Agreement on combating climate change, and China has always been a firm supporter and participant in the agreement.

On the basis of completing the 2020 climate action target two years ahead of schedule, China will adopt stronger policies and measures, and strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and strive to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2060.

This not only shows China’s firm will to fully promote the new development concept, but also shows China’s clear attitude of willingness to make new contributions to the global response to climate change, and has won the general praise of the international community.

Amy Bahar, senior analyst of renewable energy market and policy at the International Energy Agency, believes that China actively responds to climate change, takes the path of green cycle and low-carbon development, and proposes a “carbon neutral” goal for the global response to climate change. He also said that in order to achieve sustainable development and the goals of the Paris Agreement, no country should be left behind in the transition to clean energy.

Jean-Pierre Lafarin, former French Prime Minister and chairman of the Prospects and Innovation Foundation, said in a recent interview with Xinhua News Agency that France and China have carried out fruitful cooperation in the Paris Agreement on climate change, and China is an indispensable partner in addressing climate change and protecting biodiversity.

Companionately, Europe should attach importance to and continue its cooperation with China.

Laurence Tibiana, the former ambassador of the French climate negotiations, recently wrote on the website of the World Newspaper Syndicate that both the European Union and China are committed to achieving “carbon neutrality”, thus laying a common foundation for deeper cooperation; cooperation is not necessarily limited to partnerships at the national level, provincial, inter-city or inter-industry partnerships. It has great potential.

In January 2018, the two heads of state jointly decided to launch the “China-France Environment Year”. The successful launch of the Sino-French ocean satellite in October of the same year has played an important role in improving the efficiency of global action on climate change and biodiversity, global marine environmental monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation, and high-level response to climate change.

In June 2018, then French Prime Minister Philippe said in his speech at Tsinghua University in China that the “China-France Environment Year” reflects the common will and common interests of the two countries, shows that neither side is willing to listen to the fallacy that environmental and climate issues are false, and attaches great importance to what is about to change the world and should be controlled.

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The Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Embassy in France said that the seventh World Conservation Congress and the fifteenth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in 2021 will be held in Marseille, France and Kunming, China, respectively, which will be a major opportunity for China and France to cooperate in addressing climate change and biodiversity conservation.