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Study: Variant COVID-19 found in the UK may not aggravate the condition

by YCPress

December 30, a controlled study by the Public Health Service of England shows that although the mutant novel coronavirus found in the United Kingdom spread faster in mid-December, the mutant virus does not seem to cause the patient’s condition to be more serious than other mutant viruses.

According to Reuters, the researchers compared patients infected with the “wild-type” of the novel coronavirus.

There were 1,769 confirmed cases in both groups, and matched them in a ratio of 1:1 according to age, sex, area of residence and time of detection of the virus. Right.

According to the study, of the 42 people admitted to the hospital, 16 were infected with new variants and 26 were infected with wild strains.

In terms of death toll, the number of new mutant strains has 12 deaths and wild strains have 10 deaths.

The study said that the preliminary results of the cohort study showed that there was no significant difference in hospitalization and 28-day case fatality between mutant strain cases and wild strain cases statistically.

Compared with other mutant viruses, the possibility of mutant COVID-19 patients to be infected again is not significantly different.

The study added that the “secondary Attack Rate” is higher in patients with mutant COVID-19.