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State of Malaysia: We are fine, We dont need to be in State of emergency

by YCPress

The National Palace of Malaysia issued a statement on the evening of the 25th, saying that after studying the request made by Prime Minister Muhyiddin, the Supreme Head of State believes that there is no need to issue an order due to Coronavirus Pandemic. status”.

The Supreme Head of State Abdullah Sultan Ahmed Shah announced this decision after holding a meeting of hereditary sultans or rulers of all states to consult.

The statement also stated that the Supreme Head of State believed that the current government has taken effective anti-pandemic measures and called on all factions to shelve disputes and help the government fight pandemic. The Supreme Head of State also reminded politicians to stop political activities that “may shake the stability of governance.”

After Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin held a special cabinet meeting on the 23rd, he led a number of cabinet ministers to meet with the Supreme Head of State. The opposition party accused Muhyiddin of trying to require the Supreme Head of State to issue an order to enter a “state of emergency” and suspend national political activities in order to maintain his power.

Malaysia plans to start a new session of the parliament on November 2. The Muhyiddin government is believed to be facing challenges such as a case of no confidence in Congress and a vote on the 2021 budget. In the statement of the National Palace that day, it was emphasized that the 2021 budget to be submitted to the National Assembly is “very important” to the Malaysian people, and the fight against the “pandemic” depends on budget allocations.