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Sri Lanka's fuel shortage affects people's lives

Sri Lanka’s fuel shortage affects people’s lives

by YCPress

Recently, Sri Lanka has been short of foreign exchange due to the shortage of national foreign exchange, resulting in insufficient supply of fuel and other materials. Central Radio and Television reporters came to a gas station in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, to visit the local oil shortage.

Recently, Sri Lanka’s economy has been in a slump, the country’s foreign exchange reserves are insufficient, and there is a serious shortage of fuel, coal, milk powder and other daily necessities. Due to the fuel shortage, there is a 13-hour power outage in Sri Lanka, which has seriously affected people’s lives.

At a gas station in Colombo, Sri Lanka, refueling vehicles lined up several streets. At present, there is no gas station, so we need to wait for the tanker to replenish it. There are many diesel vehicles in Sri Lanka, and the demand for diesel is very high.

It is understood that gas stations currently restrict the use of oil barrels to refuel, and can only add up to 1 barrel or 20 liters at a time.