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Speechelo Review

Speechelo Review

by YCPress

Speechelo Review

Speechelo Nowadays this era is all about artificial intelligence (AI). AI is leading this era towards totally new dimensions. The conversion of text into speech through softwares is part of this artificial intelligence. By using this you can convert any type of text into speech.

It can help you in creating voiceovers that sound like the human, the text you given in your videos. This softwares convert any text into speech naturally voiceovers in a very convenient way. From this software, you can choose the voices of males and females according to your needs. So by this, this software is very user-friendly as any of others for making the videos.


This software also permits you to create text to voice in English and different languages, without any extra cost to generate an English YouTube video, even if you can’t speak English.

Moreover, you don’t have to download and install this software on your computer as it runs on the cloud. So you can use any Smartphone or computer to gain access to this tool anywhere in this world.

So, there are not any worries about making it sound familiar and beside the point with the text. SpeecHelo demo voices are fascinating to sound and also well suited with any sort of tone. For instance, if you need a formal or pleasant tone, you may get it in a SpeecHelo demo.

Speechelo demo

Speechelo demo Now that you have chosen your preferred tone and language, all you have to do is, edit the textual contexts. If you need to add respiratory somewhere or a pause, you have to upload that inside the text. Thus, SpeecHelo seasoned functions can create a first-rate conversion.

So, you may see, the best three clicks can make your text precise! Also, you may create a thrilling speech with the usage of SpeecHelo’s seasoned voices. Besides, as SpeecHelo serves many languages, you may pick out your favored one if you want to target any precise vicinity. Yet in case you are nonetheless stressed, you can search for some SpeecHelo samples.

But there are so much softwares are there to get this work done. A few are worth working on. Choosing the right software for working you have to spend your time and money to get the perfect one.

So we made this job easier for you to find the right one. We have reviewed the most popular and vastly used text-to-speech software which is speechelo software. Without any delay, let’s get started with it.

What is Speechelo ?

What is Speechelo ? Speechelo is software that transforms any text into a 100% human-sounding voice with only three clicks and this is true and creates your voiceovers for your podcast videos build you want to create videos for, marketing, or for tutorials demonstration purposes. A lot of peoples have been waiting for it and go crazy with this software.

This is a one-time price tool that is powerful that converts your text into voice without going to more hard work and the source to become an amazing marketer. Best text to speech software has unmatched and unique features.

Speechelo is made by blaster online. Blaster suit company likes to give packages on how you could use their tools to make money things on places like Fiverr. It’s a lifetime achievement and you become a successful video marketer via speechelo.

Speechelo Reviews

How Speechelo works:

Step 1 paste your text:

First, you have to paste your text into the text editing options of this software.  Then speechelo check it thoroughly to give you the best output.

Step 2 choose a voice or language:

In which sound or voice you want to create the video you have to choose the voice tone and the languages available in this softwares. Along with this sound, it allows you to add long pauses and breathing sounds.

Step 3 Create voiceover and download it:

This software will generate the voiceovers according to the options you have selected. And you can feel the effects by playing it directly and after that, you can change the mods and languages until you are satisfied with it.

After getting the voice you want you can easily download it and you can use it for different purposes.

Speechelo voiceover software’s features:

Production of the unlimited variety of voices:

In the standard package of this, the software allows you to create a voice-over of 700 words. You can upgrade it if you ever want to use an unlimited number of words in the creation of voiceovers. This feature makes this software different from others like audio flow pro, which allows you to only 3000 words for the voiceover.

Languages and text support:

English is the default language of this software but the artificial intelligence of this software allows you to use 23 other international languages.  In some languages like Chinese, you can get many voices without hiring a costly professional employee for this purpose.

This feature of this software is useful for the freelancer and marketer in the limited budget the can produce a different kind of voicing without any other extra cost. By pasting the text into the text editing option of this software and after selecting the required voice and language you can get your wanted voice.

The artificial intelligence in this software will start working on your text and then convert it into the voice-over u needed in no time. Artificial intelligence-based softwares are good they can automatically adjust the pitch, breathing sounds, and pauses to produce the voice naturally like humans.

This software supports French, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Japanese,  Italian, Korean, Romanian, Polish, Welsh, Russian, Icelandic, Norwegian, English, Danish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Change videos into Captions:

You can use your videos for some other purposes by altering them into the caption by using this feature of speechelo software. This software analyses your videos spontaneously to find the language used in them and translate it into English or/Non-English language.

Then this software will convert the text script you have got into a voice by using its artificial intelligence. It can be the most effective feature of this software for people operating bilingual or multilingual channels.

Thus by utilizing all of these aspects so this software you can expect to get the best return on your investment as it grants you to create as several numbers of voiceover for your videos as you can with no special struggles.

Speechelo Standard VS Pro Version:

This software comes in two versions. One is the standard version and the other is the professional version. By using the standard version you can create easily voice overs and you can use them anywhere. By using the professional version you can create your voice over and you can sell it on other market places like Upwork and fiver etc.

The 47$ is the quarterly fee of the professional version and you can use it for three months without any problem.

By using its pro version you will get some extra benefits like, you will get access to 60 voiceovers which are 30 in its standard version. It can convert 20000 words easily in text panel while in the standards version it was limited to 5000 words. In the background to make your voice more attractive for the listener, it includes 40 tracks of the music.


The videos with bad voice-overs and effects will fail to get clicks, traffic, and leads, or any kind of sales. Being a human we are always up to listen to the stories. In past years we are used to watching stories in cinemas, TV, and later on, youtube. That’s why the video is incomplete without a good voice-over and effects. By using this software you can create good training videos, sales videos, and educational videos.


A human voice can show tone and emphasis where an auto-created voice just merely can’t. I must say for an auto voice it’s pretty cool. In this situation, the front end of speechelo comes with 23 languages and 23 voices which gives you plenty to work with. You also can have a voiceover with that longer than 700 words so you also want to keep that in mind.

These unmatched features make sound natural. There are 60 total available voices have the front end product only has 30. So to unlock that you have to upgrade to pro that’s why it’s highlighted to orange. Down here 962 characters so far in doing both of your voiceovers.

If you don’t feel comfortable with recording your voices and you don’t have a good microphone to record you have three options given below:

There are three options in those conditions:


I found it something user friendly especially says for example you want to target people in Span but you don’t speak Spanish its good to have videos that speak with the native voice and native language targeting these people its good to target the British people with the British voice that sound so native on your videos and it’s so amazing to target the people in the US where are you now target those people directly and sounds so naive because in marketing you need to sound and speak the language that your target market speaks so that you can convert even more. Spend some quality time here and hope you happy at the end of the result.

But it would be very expensive and you will not learn anything.

Using Robotic voices:

There is nothing worse than having a robotic voice in your video lets say you have a sales video about a product and you used a robotic voices narration for the video it’s gonna be hard to covert sales because people will have this perception and feels that this is not a real person talking to them making them feel they are trying to scam them and divert their attention to something else that is why most sales videos use voice actor but you don’t have to do that when you have the speechelo because it sounds just like a real human talking speechelo is perfect for just any kind of video or podcast you want to create.

But this is not professional and it can scare your viewers which is not a good thing.


The good thing about speechelo is that you can sell voiceovers to clients on any freelancing platform and earn money if you are a Youtuber and you don’t want to use your voice as a voiceover for your video then check out speechelo.  It produce 100% natural voices and it is very cost-effective.

Steps human sourcing voiceover:

Three steps for human sourcing voiceover:

This is how you simply do just write your text and paste it into the speechelo and then after that, you choose a voice and then it does the magic and then you just download the voice. the good thing about this is you can see it has good male a d female voices and it has got over 30 human-sounding voices. There’s an abyssal again which gives you 30 more voices so it makes it be in total but this one is for most people is 30 human-sounding voices for male and female and for children especially and the other thing it works on 23 languages.


There are two upsells of speechelo one is A. I voice and the other one is CP TUBE.

A.I Voice

If you choose A. I voice it’s going to automatically set the tone for you it’s going to understand where the periods sare and wherein the sentences there should be an emphasis which is good now not all the languages that you choose has an option for A. I voice most of them don’t have it but English does and you can choose between a normal friendly or serious for this video.

The serious tone sounded better now if you choose standard what it’s going to do is give you the option to add the breathing in the pauses to your sentences to emphasize the words and to adjust speech so for example you could come in here and highlight certain parts of this text and could go to adjust speech it. It would allow you to adjust the volume speaking rate and the pitch just no the more that you adjust these the more robotic the audio does sound you can also emphasize words.


So if you want to emphasize aches and pains you could do that these clicks this and you can see it puts this code in here which when it reads it will emphasize it a little bit more you are going to ahead and delete that out of there for now and then you can also add breathing so what this does is a kind of adds like a quick pause in between words to make it sound more realistic. If the language you choose A. I voice just choose that and it will automatically do all that for you throughout your content so what you do once you do that is you are going to come over here.

Standard Or A.I Voices

Standard voice customizes the pauses and the speed of the voice and the emphasis and is effection and you know for all other reasons do well sufficient what it does it goes through and it reads through the verdicts and put in the proper pauses and emphasizes where you needed. You still have to put in the right punctuation you have to punctuate it sometimes you have to break a little bit more than is needed because you want the voice to sound as natural as possible.

Cp Tube:

The other upsell is the CP TUBE what this does is kind of neat says how would you like to be able to enter any youtube link take the voiceover from that video and create and create a brand new voice over with any of the voices speechelo so basically you are taking a youtube video translating its voice-over into a different language without having to do it yourself and you profit from a video to somebody else made so that pretty good. There an option where you put your youtube link and get available captions and translate your caption and then import it and it’s done that easy and has your video translated in different languages that can promote for affiliate offers or whatever so those are the two upsells your going to get.

Video Creator:

Of course, not all of them is going to fit whatever script you’re trying to create it may or m, ay not be as good as it wants it to be but you have got to the member this is a one-time price tool that you can buy and create pretty much as many of these as you want to scripts for videos and then if you buy the upsells you can convert them into different languages and just do all kinds of great stuff with them especially if you are a video creator.

Speechelo software as a video creator:

If you want your voiceover in a different accent which is just perfect speechelo provides different expressions for voices like normal joyful and serious which is super helpful if the content you are requires a certain tone for the video. A lot of people might ask why do I need a text to speech software for your video where you can hire a voice actor to do that. If you can do it yourself then do it because speechelo made it easy for everyone to make attractive voiceovers without hiring any professional.

Speechelo Works Also With Any Video Creation Software:

After creating your desired voiceover just download it in your desired video creator software. Sppechelo also works with any type of video creation software like Camtasia, Premiere Pro, Audacity and I Movie, etc.

What a good voice over can do for you:

Increase in sales:

A good voiceover can help to boost up your sales and by creating more voice over you will be able to test multiple voices over to choose the best one for you.

Increase in views:

A good voiceover will engage the viewer to get hooked up on the video till the end.

Increase in subscribers:

A good voiceover affects your subscriber and can increase your subscribers, And the best thing about having more subscribers is that they will get a notification always when you will upload new videos.

Save 1000$:

You can save easily 1000$ on freelancers and any voiceover artists. A one minute of voice-over can cost up to 200 to 230 dollars.


A freelancer can take up to one week to record a voice-over and to deliver it. You have to wait until the work is done and maybe you don’t like the work in the end.


There are some other features accessible that you can select if you aren’t good with Speechelo. One is Vidnami software. This software is a very helpful option as well and has related characteristics to Speechelo.

Like Speechelo, you don’t have to make use of your voice in producing voice-overs here too. It works in the same way as Speechelo and has some other language choices.

Why you should choose speechelo:

50 plus voices:

With speechelo software, you will get access to the collection of natural 50 plus voices.

Online text editor:

The artificial intelligence will check the text thoroughly and add punctuations automatically to give better results.

Breathing and pausing:

The AI automatically can add pauses and breathing sounds in the phrase. And you can do itmanually also.

23 languages:

speechelo allows us to use the 23 languages feature. You can just paste the text and select the desired language. Then speechelo will give you the surprising output.

Voice tones:

Sometimes you need tones like one time you need a happy tone, other time you need a sad tone, sometimes you need a funny tone for your desired voiceovers. You can do it with speechelo easily.

Change speed and pitch:

Speechelo can do adjust automatically pitch level to make your voiceover more likely to be natural and like human beings.

40 background music tracks:

It also offers you a range of genres of music for your background music track to make your videos sound good. Offers you filmic tracks, delightful tracks or sad tracks, and many more tracks with a different variety.

Speechelo cost and pricing:

The speechelo comes with two versions one is its standard and another one is a pro version. Both have different specs and prices. The standard version of this software will cost you 67$ one-time payment. But you can not use features that are provided in its pro version.

The price of the pro version is around 100$ per quarter but due to some promotions, a 53% discount is offered for a limited time which reduced its price to 47$.

Who should go for it?

As previously discussed who should use the sppechelo software. There are some professionals to whom I recommend grabbing one time offer.

  • Content creators
  • Podcasters
  • Marketers
  • Freelancer

User reviews about working of speechelo:

After this review, we get to know that sppechelo is very user-friendly and gives you impressive results in outcomes. SpeecHelo users have said that they’ve just like the outcome that they received from SpeecHelo. Also, they have got felt this to be sensible and well approachable.

The detection of speech of SpeecHelo is unique to different software. It can come across wherein to position pause and breath from the texts.

If you want to realize in short, then sure, SpeecHelo works manner better than any other text-to-speech software. The operating machine is straightforward.

Also, the accuracy of feelings will galvanize you. It doesn’t make you sense like you are listening to something artificially created.

SpeecHelo can save a variety of time for you. So, for people who very own enterprise and find it hard to create extraordinary dominating proposals and movies, SpeecHelo is beneficial.

It can make your hour’s process executed within a few minutes. So, customers respect the manner SpeecHelo works.

Pros and cons:


  • User friendly you can make a voiceover with a few clicks with the mouse.
  • Including English and non-English this software have many other languages and voices.
  • It transforms your text into speech and speech into text for the videos.
  • Easy to make sounds like humans by adjusting the pitch and other sound levels.


  • This software offers only 30 languages.
  • Some accents of languages are not up to the mark due to artificial intelligence.


What is voice-over software?

A voice-over software is used to put voice on any paragraph or text. You can also use this software to convert text into speech in different voices.

Are There Any Speechelo Alternatives?

In regards to their stunning human voices, there is no tool close to the speechelo. To be honest there are no other good solutions in alternatives apart from vidnami, which has an auto voice feature as well but it is mainly used for video creating. It allows you to make videos very fast and you don’t need any editing for it.

Do you have to pay monthly to enjoy the benefits of Speechelo pro?

No, you don’t have to pay monthly. You have to pay quarterly payments of 47 dollars each three months, and you can cancel at any time you want.

Is SpeecHelo any good?

Obviously Yes, it is your right choice and it is the latest software to convert your text into speech and the outcome will definitely surprise you. You can do whatever you want to do with its features and a lot of voice tunes.

Are there any free speechelo alternatives?

Nowadays it is impossible to get software free having these features. You have to pay t use their features.


It is very easy and convenient softwares for marketers and video creators. It includes more than 60 plus voices and as well as foreign voices. By using artificial intelligence it is the best software to produce voiceovers like human voices.

This softwares comes with the feature of different languages. You create your voiceover in English and many other languages, even if you are not good at speaking English. Moreover, you don’t need to download and install this software because it runs on the cloud. So you can use this tool around the world on your smartphones or any system.

This is the only software if you want to handle the text into speech tasks. Its performance is very fast and quick. It is user-friendly and gives extraordinary results. There is always room for some improvements but speechelo software is best than other alternatives.

In summary, to finish my evaluation on Speechelo… It’s AMAZING!

A very handy software program for all video creators and entrepreneurs. Here’s a collection of all of the special voiceovers interior of Speechelo. This consists of all of the 60+ voices, and foreign voices as well.

So, Speechelo is the latest voiceover creating software now. It can simply transform text to speech, so you can attach them to your videos and make up them more absorbing for your viewers. Take this chance to get started today!

Speechelo Reviews