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Spain’s chief of defense staff resigns over early vaccination violations

by YCPress

Spain’s defense staff issued a press release on the 23rd said that the Spanish defense chief of staff Villarroa resigned on the same day due to violation of the country’s Coronavirus vaccination program early vaccination.

Spain’s chief of defense staff Villarroa 23 to the Spanish Defense Minister Lovelace submitted a letter of resignation and approval.

22, including Villarroa, a number of senior Spanish military officers were exposed by the media to insert the first dose of Coronavirus vaccine in advance, the matter in the Spanish domestic sparked a huge controversy.

Due to the current limited supply of vaccines, the Spanish Ministry of Health has developed a vaccination plan in which the military receives a certain priority share of vaccinations.

The order of priority for vaccination for the Spanish military is medical personnel, military personnel who will be on military missions overseas, and command structure personnel, and it is not yet the turn of senior military officers to be vaccinated.

In the past few days, the scandal of early vaccination of public officials against Coronavirus vaccine has been revealed in several places in Spain, except for senior officers, some of whom have announced their resignation under public pressure.