Wednesday, February 1, 2023

South Korean police cooperate with INTERPOL to arrest 50 economic criminals who absconded overseas

December 5 According to the website of the Korean Broadcasting Corporation (KBS), through cooperation with INTERPOL, the South Korean police arrested 50 people who absconded overseas after engaging in criminal activities such as telecommunications fraud and extradited them back to China.

The Korean Police Agency said on the 4th that since July this year, it has jointly launched an INTERPOL joint economic crime campaign with 30 countries, arresting 975 major economic criminals around the world and freezing more than 175.5 billion won. Among them, 50 people absconded overseas after committing crimes in South Korea, and the amount of frozen crimes exceeded 150 billion won.

According to the report, the Korean Police Service said that it would make every effort to arrest and extradite economic criminals who absconded overseas through regular INTERPOL joint crackdown operations.

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