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South Africa plans to reopen the land border

South Africa plans to reopen the land border

by YCPress

February 9th, local time, according to local media reports in South Africa, the South African Ministry of Home Affairs said on Tuesday (9th) that it was discussing with the Ministry of Health on the reopening of South Africa’s land border to finalize a plan to support the reopening of the border.

South Africa closed its land border at the peak of the second wave of the epidemic in January.

South African President Ramaphosa has previously said that South Africa will close its land border until February 15, including six of the busiest border posts, namely, Betbridge, Le Bombo, Marcelo Bridge, Oshok, Fixburg and Copfontein.

However, South Africa still allows people for the purpose of freight, first aid, evacuation, etc. to pass through the land border crossing.

South Africa’s Home Office said that some of the highlights they are currently discussing include: more human and material resources to strengthen the border’s COVID-19 testing capacity;

At the same time, to develop detailed transportation plans to prevent traffic congestion that may be caused by reopening the border; and consultations with neighboring countries to make border time with the The country’s curfew is consistent and COVID-19 testing is increased.