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Two people have been killed in a shooting in southern France

Someone threatened to attack Chinese people on the streets of France

by YCPress

November 2-At present, the second wave of new crown pneumonia in France is fierce and the situation is grim. The number of confirmed cases of overseas Chinese and Chinese students in France continues to increase. 

French President Macron announced on the evening of October 28 that the ban will be fully implemented from 0:00 on October 30. He called on everyone to protect their homes and reduce going out. 

To make matters worse, there have been multiple terrorist attacks in France recently, resulting in many deaths and injuries. Some netizens even threatened on Twitter that they would launch attacks on the Chinese in the Paris region.

On October 16 this year, a history teacher near Paris was attacked and killed by a man with a knife near the school. The attacker was shot dead by the police. 

According to reports, the attack may be related to the teacher’s display of religious cartoons in the classroom. At the time of turmoil, there have been successive vicious knife killings in France, the public security environment has deteriorated, and the security risks faced by overseas Chinese in France cannot be underestimated. 

According to a report by the Hong Kong East Net, overseas Chinese organizations have recently received notifications from many people who have noticed that some netizens have threatened on Twitter, claiming that they will launch attacks against Chinese in the Paris region. The poster called for blacks and Arabs in the provinces 91 (Essonne), 92 (Haute-Seine), 93 (Seine-Saint-Denis), 94 (Marne Valley) and 95 (Oise Valley) Province) and other areas around Paris, attacking Chinese on the street. In response to this threat, the Paris prosecutors have launched an investigation.

The Chinese Embassy in France and the websites of overseas Chinese organizations have issued notices, in view of the recent successive vicious knife killings in France, reminding overseas Chinese and Chinese to pay attention to their personal safety. 

The Chinese Embassy in France calls on Chinese citizens living in France to strengthen epidemic prevention and safety precautions and take practical measures to maintain their own health and safety. The embassy said that it is necessary to understand and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention policy issued by the French government, not to go out unless necessary, and to minimize external contacts. 

Strengthen personal hygiene protection measures, wash hands frequently and disinfect frequently. If you really need to go out, please wear a mask, keep social distance, and bring the necessary supporting materials as required. 

Raise vigilance, strengthen security measures for residences and shops, and strengthen safety precautions when going out. In case of emergencies such as robbery, please report to the police in time and contact the Chinese Embassy in France for assistance. 

Chinese organizations also urge Asian people to be vigilant. If anyone is attacked, they should report to the police in time and complain about every incident of discrimination.