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Somali government forces killed 51 Al-Shabaab militants

by YCPress

Nairobi, December 1 Mogadishu: Somali government officials said on the 1st that Somali government forces recently killed 51 militants of the extremist Somali Al-Shabaab in the southern part of the country.

Somali Information Minister Osman Dubi said in a statement that Al-Shabaab militants launched an offensive on November 30 at a government base in the town of Bakadwin, Mudug region. Government forces killed 51 militants and captured 6 people. In addition, 15 people, including government soldiers, were killed in the attack.

Al-Shabaab said that 53 government soldiers were killed in the attack and 6 military vehicles were taken away.

Al-Shabaab in Somalia is an extremist organization associated with Al-Qaida. In recent years, it has launched many terrorist attacks in Somalia and neighboring countries.