Home Politics Slovakia repatriates 3 Russian diplomats Zakharova: Russia will respond
Slovakia repatriates 3 Russian diplomats Zakharova: Russia will respond

Slovakia repatriates 3 Russian diplomats Zakharova: Russia will respond

by YCPress

According to Tass news agency reported on the 22nd, the official website of the Slovak government office issued a message on the same day, in order to “solidarity” with the Czech Republic, the Slovak side decided to expel three Russian diplomats, asking them to leave within 7 days.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova responded that Russia is very disappointed with Slovakia’s actions, Russia will respond accordingly.

Zakharova said: “Slovakia’s decision to ‘solidarity’ with the Czech Republic over the ill-fated events, Slovakia’s unfriendly behavior we are deeply disappointed. Russia will respond soon. ”

Zakharova also condemned the EU’s support for the Czech accusations of rudeness against Russia, saying: “The EU’s support for open politicization of the Czech Republic is very dangerous, the EU’s approach will only give the Czech Republic further confidence that it will not be punished for its own actions, and thus more wanton.”

We believe that sooner or later the EU will recognize the consequences of this act. In modern foreign affairs, no country should use an ultimatum at will to negotiate with other countries from a strength point of view. ”

Zakharova stressed that Russia has never done anything destructive to the EU or the world. “On the contrary, Russia has always been a staunch supporter of maintaining security and stability on the Continent. This can be achieved only on the basis of mutual respect, equality, mutually beneficial cooperation and consideration of national interests. ”

On April 17, the Czech government asked 18 Russian embassy personnel to leave the country within 48 hours, citing the suspected involvement of Russian intelligence agents in the 2014 bombing of a Czech arms depot. A day later, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of 20 Czech embassy personnel.

The Czech side called the Russian response “inappropriate”, asked the Russian side before noon on the 22st to allow the expelled Czech Embassy personnel to return, and decided to limit the number of Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic to the same level as the current Czech Embassy in Russia. Slovakia announced on the 22nd to the Czech Republic “solidarity and full support”, asked the Russian diplomatic mission in Slovakia three representatives to leave Slovakia within 7 days.