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Singaporean scholar: China’s economic performance helps global economic recovery

Singaporean scholar: China's economic performance helps global economic recovery

The container terminal of Shanghaiyangshan Port was photographed on November 3. ( Photo by Wang Xiang, reporter of Xinhua News Agency)

Singapore, December 16 Chen Gang, assistant director of the Institute of East Asia of the National University of Singapore, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency a few days ago that against the backdrop of the severe impact of the global economy by the coronavirus epidemic, this year’s economic performance is quite “outstanding and eye-catching” and will promote global economic recovery.

Chen Gang said that recent foreign trade data show that China’s exports continue to grow year-on-year, highlighting the resilience of China’s economy against the background of the global economic downturn.

China actively resumes work and production under the condition of effectively controlling the epidemic, which provides an important impetus for global economic recovery and growth. China’s share of the global economy and contribution to global economic growth will continue to rise this year.

Chen Gang believes that China should continue to expand domestic demand and promote the transformation and upgrading of consumption. China’s expansion of domestic demand will not only benefit itself, but also create more demand for other countries, thus boosting global economic growth.

International institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have previously released reports that the world economy will fall into a deep recession this year due to the impact of the epidemic, and China will become the only major economy to achieve positive growth.

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