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Singapore carries out vaccination for taxi drivers

by YCPress

February 23, the Land Traffic Authority of Singapore announced that Singapore will carry out coronavirus vaccination for 50,000 taxi and online taxi-hailing drivers from that day.

The Land Traffic Bureau said that taxi and online car-hailing drivers will receive invitation text messages for coronavirus vaccination one after another.

Drivers who receive text messages will be able to make an appointment online and choose a convenient time and place for vaccination.

Singapore’s Minister of Sustainable Development and Environment and Senior Government Minister of Transport, Hui Lianye, pointed out that the Singapore government plans to vaccinate 80,000 public transport employees, and bus and subway drivers began vaccination last month.

Xu Lianyi said that although vaccination is voluntary, the government encourages taxi and online car-hailing drivers to participate actively.

But even after vaccination, they are required to follow the epidemic prevention measures, including wearing masks and maintaining personal hygiene.