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The New Year's Eve activities have become lonely due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the Japanese are very disappointed.

Singapore cancel Marina Bay New Year’s Eve fireworks show

by YCPress

Nov. 5 (Central News Agency) reported that in order to avoid crowds and increase the risk of Coronavirus infection, the Singapore New Year’s Eve event will cancel the Marina Bay New Year’s Eve fireworks show and replace it with a one-month light show. Fireworks will be set off throughout the island and people can watch them at home.

The Marina Bay Fireworks Show has always been a famous New Year’s Eve event in Singapore. However, due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the form of activities will change.

The Urban Renewal Authority of Singapore stated on November 5 that during the pandemic, safety is still a priority, and there will be no New Year’s Eve fireworks show at Marina Bay on the night of December 31 to reduce crowds.

The Urban Renewal Authority pointed out that the New Year’s Eve countdown event at Marina Bay will be mainly light show and projection show. The light show will light up the night sky of Marina Bay every night from December 1st to 31st. Various light rays symbolize unity, positiveness and resilience. This is also the spirit of Singapore’s fight against the pandemic.

In addition, the projection show will be exhibited at landmarks near the Marina Bay such as the Art Science Museum, The Fullerton Hotel, and the Merlion from December 25th to 31st. The projection show focuses on the art works of local students and describes the story of kind people helping others to tide over difficulties in the past year.

According to the Urban Renewal Authority, although the Marina Bay New Year’s Eve fireworks show has been cancelled, it will change to display New Year’s Eve fireworks in various places so that the public can enjoy them at home.