Home Politics Should I give up the title of “doctor” when I become a first lady? Mrs. Biden responded
Should I give up the title of "doctor" when I become a first lady? Mrs. Biden responded

Should I give up the title of “doctor” when I become a first lady? Mrs. Biden responded

by YCPress

On Friday (December 11), the Wall Street Journal published a column advising Jill Biden, who will become the first lady, to stop using the title “Doctor” and use the title of “First Lady” for the next four years, triggering a misogynistic statement. The controversy of sexualist views.

On the 14th local time, Mrs. Biden responded, “We will build a world together, in which the achievements of our daughters will be praised, not devalued.”

The author of the article published in the Wall Street Journal is Joseph Epstein. In his article, he showed a “fundamentalist cult” of the doctorate, and obtaining a doctorate should go through strict procedures:

Candidates must pass two foreign language tests, including Greek or Latin, as well as defense, oral examination and other links.

In his opinion, the doctors once had prestige, but the decline in academic rigor and the laxity of academic achievements in recent years have made the title no longer valuable as it used to be. It is understood that Jill Biden’s doctorate was obtained in 2007.

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In his article, Epstein also expressed the view that the “doctoral” in the humanities or social sciences is lower than the doctor of science and engineering, and went on to criticize the whole “emeritus doctor” group:

Compared with the declining gold doctorate, the honorary doctorate further reduces the reputation. Most of the scholars, politicians, artists and scientists who have obtained such degrees before have since joined by rich businessmen, well-known journalists and stars.

Epstein also claimed that honorary doctorates pay the price for “political correctness”: “No university in today’s honorary doctorate list is missing African-American women.”

Once the article was published, it attracted widespread criticism. Biden spokesman La Rosa demanded what it was called “gender assault” and demanded Epstein and The Wall Street Journal apologize to Jill Biden; Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director of the Biden team, called it “sexist and shameful”; Doug Em, husband of Vice President Harris and vice president of Northwestern University. Doug Emhoff also criticized the article.

However, Paul A. Giggett, editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal. Gigot) On the weekend, he “stands up” with Epstein. He claimed that “it will not stop publishing just because these provocative articles have offended the new government or political censors in the media and academia.”

On the 14th, Jill Biden publicly responded on Twitter: “Together we will build a world in which our daughters’ achievements will be praised, not devalued.”

Previously, Jill had planned to continue his daily work after moving to the White House. According to the introduction, she holds a doctorate and is a college English professor.

“USA Today” website wrote on November 9 that Jill will be the first first lady in the 231 years of the history of the United States to “pursue career” and retain “paid work”, at least in her own way.