Home LifestyleHealth Shocking scene in India: Cow dung flying all over the sky
Shocking scene in India: Cow dung flying all over the sky

Shocking scene in India: Cow dung flying all over the sky

by YCPress

A large number of people in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India, have gathered without masks to celebrate Ugadi as the country grapples with a deadly second wave of Coronavirus, NDTV reported On Wednesday. Ugadi day is the first day of the New Year in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Trengana, India.

In the celebration of Ugadi, there is a tradition in the village of Kairuppala in kunor district that people throw cow dung at each other.

However, this traditional practice appears to pose a significant risk at a time when Coronavirus outbreak is raging, as dense populations violate all norms of social distance.

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In another event, hundreds of people gathered for a three-day celebration, including a bull parade at a temple in another village in the Kunor district. To celebrate the prosperity of agriculture, well-dressed donkeys also take part in the parade. A few metres from the temple, you can also see a huge wheel and several other rides, surrounded by a crowd, most of whom are not wearing masks.

The events come as Andhra Pradesh has reported more than 5,000 new cases in the past 24 hours, with 626 cases in Kunor district alone, the second-highest number of new cases in the state. Across India, 200,000 new cases were reported in one day on April 15.

In addition, CNN reported on the 12th, India Day, Coronavirus cases soared, Hindu believers also ignored the pandemic prevention measures, flocked to the city of Haridwar to participate in the largest religious pilgrimage on earth. Millions of believers took part in the Jug Festival in Hadvar to wash away their sins with the “holy water” of the Ganges.

However, the Ganges do not make them immune to the new coronavirus.