Home Politics She was widely praised, but refused Biden’s invitation to join the cabinet.
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She was widely praised, but refused Biden’s invitation to join the cabinet.

by YCPress

A spokesman for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on the 12th that Bottoms refused to serve in President-elect Biden’s cabinet.

The statement did not say that she was offered any cabinet position.

According to the report, Burtons is one of the most influential Democrats in Georgia, and Biden has considered her as the vice presidential nominee.

A spokesman for Bottoms said in a statement: “Mayor Bottoms is honored to be offered a cabinet position, but she declined.”

The statement said: “The mayor’s focus remains Atlanta and the great Georgian people. Due to respect for the process and other candidates considered, no further comments will be made on this matter at this time.”

The report pointed out that there was speculation that Bottoms refused to be an ambassador, and the statement also refuted this speculation.

“She has never been offered the position of ambassador,” the statement said.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Bottoms received reports from the national press as she argued with Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp over whether she had the right to force Atlanta residents to wear masks.

At the end of May, Burtons — a black woman — was also widely praised for pleasingly to protesters in downtown Atlanta to return home in a moving fashion as protests about racial justice moved violent.