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Sharp Commentary Between China and Russia Why does the "Shanghai spirit" last forever?

Sharp Commentary Between China and Russia Why does the “Shanghai spirit” last forever?

by YCPress

“Russia News” published in the column of “Sino-Russian Review”, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Russian, Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Gao Yanxun, entitled “Why does the “Shanghai Spirit” last forever?” 

“The signed article. The article explains in depth the important role played by the “Shanghai Spirit” in leading and promoting the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization from different dimensions. The full text of the article is as follows:

△ Screenshot of the report of the “Russian News” published on November 9

The twentieth meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Cooperation Organization”) will be held on November 10 in video format. 

As the rotating presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, this will be one of Russia’s major diplomatic activities, and it will also be an important meeting that determines the future development trend of the organization under the background of the global spread of the new crown epidemic and the turbulent international situation. Thought is the guide for action, and theory is the guide for practice. Why does the “Shanghai Spirit” last forever? Why is the SCO so popular?

The “Shanghai Spirit” has found a solution to the most complex problems through equal dialogue. The predecessor of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was the evolution of the “Shanghai Five”, a negotiation mechanism established to resolve historical boundary issues, as a number of sovereign states that emerged after the disintegration of China and the Soviet Union. 

In 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the main body of negotiations changed from the original China and the Soviet Union to a “five-nation two-party” border negotiation with China as one side and Russia and the four Central Asian countries as the other. From the disagreement and confrontation between the “five countries and two parties” from the beginning to mutual understanding and seeking consensus, they summed up a common path that suits each other and improved the efficiency and possibility of solving the most complex problems in relations between countries. “Shanghai Spirit” Provides theoretical and practical experience support.

The “Shanghai Spirit” is the core of the idea of ​​the establishment and development of the organization. The “Shanghai Spirit” is rich in connotation, “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations, and seeking common development”. Each word is separated by a comma, avoiding affiliation, and showing the independence and harmony between concepts. Relevance is based on equality and mutual trust, the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, the means of dialogue and consultation, and the goal of common development.

The “Shanghai Spirit” is a regulatory force that coordinates the internal development of an organization. Under the guidance of the “Shanghai Spirit”, the SCO has established the “consensus” decision-making principle, so that countries with large and small differences in power have the right to veto within the organization. This kind of international organization with the participation of major powers still pursues “consensus”. The “decision-making model” is rare so far, and it has become an important guarantee for organizational development. Within the SCO, there is no dominance and bullying, only consensus; there are no winners and losers, only mutual benefit and win-win.

The “Shanghai Spirit” provides more options for global and regional governance. The SCO has a vast territory and a large population, which provides useful references for regional governance of different cultures, civilizations, and development levels. As the global epidemic is raging, traditional and non-traditional security challenges coexist, unilateralism and populism have emerged, and the international balance of power has undergone significant changes in the “big changes unseen in a century”. The “Shanghai Spirit” is undoubtedly a new era for the region and the world. International cooperation in governance provides paths and guidelines.

The “Shanghai Spirit” is a successful practice of high-level strategic cooperation between China and Russia. China and Russia are known as the “dual engines” for the development of the SCO. The high-level strategic cooperation between the two countries is the foundation for the healthy development of the SCO, and it is also an extension of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries in the new era of regional governance. 

Under the impact of the new crown epidemic, the international structure has accelerated adjustments, uncertainties in relations between countries have risen, and the world economic depression has gradually spread. The international environment for the co-rise of China and Russia has become more complex and severe.

The “Shanghai Spirit” is the guide, relying heavily on each other; only by taking care of each other’s interests and concerns and promoting collaboratively, can we usher in historical opportunities that are in line with the common development of both countries.

Next year is the 20th anniversary of the birth of the SCO. The development practice of the SCO has proved that under the guidance of the “Shanghai Spirit”, the SCO is an effective platform for regional coordination and governance, which can promote exchanges and cooperation among member states and strengthen Regional governance functions to tap the huge potential of joint cooperation. Why does the “Shanghai Spirit” last forever? 

The key lies in the fact that no matter what complex international and regional issues the SCO faces, it basically follows the two-cross motto of the “Shanghai Spirit” and continues to create a new atmosphere of regional cooperation, giving the world one surprise after another.