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Seychelles opposition leader wins presidential election

by YCPress

Victoria News: Seychelles Election Commission Chairman Danny Lucas announced the results of the presidential election through a televised speech on the 25th. The leader of the opposition party and the Seychelles Democratic League Candidate Wavell Ramkarawang received 54.9% of the total votes and won the election.

Lucas said that the current president of Seychelles and the candidate of the United Seychelles Party Danny Fuer received 43.5% of the total votes, ranking second. “One Seychelles Party” candidate Alain St. Angel received 1.6% of the total votes, ranking third.

President-elect Ram Karawang is 59 years old and has been the leader of Serbia‚Äôs main opposition party for a long time since 1998. This election is the sixth time Ramkarawang has participated in the Seychelles presidential election. The five previous elections all ended in failure.

According to the Constitution of Seychelles, the term of office of the President of Seychelles is five years, and the presidential candidate wins directly when he obtains more than 50% of the votes in the election.