Seven more people were prosecuted by federal courts in the United States on suspicion of participating in congressional violence.

January 14 According to media reports, dozens of people have been arrested by the U.S. authorities after the riots in the U.S. Capitol.

On the 13th local time, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that seven more people suspected of involvement in the violence were prosecuted in federal courts.

According to the report, Richard Barnett, 60, had previously broken into the office of House Speaker Pelosi and sat in her chair. Photos went viral on social networks.

On the 12th, he was charged with modification, and he was charged with intentionally entering or staying in restricted buildings or sites without legal authorization, violent intrusion and theft.

In addition, Robert Keith Parker, Nicholas Rodin, Aaron Mostowski, Andrew Williams, Josiah Colt and Kevin Lofts were charged.

Among them, Aaron Mostovsky, the son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, was arrested on the 12th.

It is reported that all of the above-mentioned people, except Mostovsky, who is accused of stealing government property, are charged with a number of charges, involving intentionally entering or staying in restricted buildings or venues without legal authorization, violently breaking into the Capitol building, obstructing the security, etc.

On January 6th, local time, some supporters of U.S. President Trump forcibly broke into the U.S. Capitol and interrupted the voting process of the Senate and the House of Representatives Accredited Electoral College.

Members of Congress were forced to hide. The violence resulted in five deaths, and dozens of people were arrested by the authorities. It is said that before the Capitol Hill riots, Trump repeatedly called on supporters from all over the world to protest in Washington on social media, and spoke at a demonstration outside the White House earlier on the 6th.

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