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Seven civilians have been shot dead in northern Afghanistan

by YCPress

April 30 2021 Afghan police said on the 30th, the northern province of Baghlan recently a shooting incident, seven civilians were killed in an attack.

Baghlan provincial police spokesman Ahmed Javed Basharat 30, told the media, 7 civilians 29 night in the province’s Hhinjan district near a mosque was shot dead by a number of gunmen, including two children.

Hhinjan District Chief Executive Abdul Nasir Al-Rashih told the media on the 30th that the seven victims were relatives of a soldier, the attack was carried out by Taliban militants.

The Taliban have yet to respond to the allegations.

Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar in September 2020 have been slow because of deep differences. Taliban militants frequently attack Afghan troops, police, officials and government agencies, and the government has not relaxed its fight against the Taliban.