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Seeing Fauci say that, Trump is angry. Trump: Many people are belittling his political legacy.

Seeing Fauci say that, Trump is angry.

by YCPress

January 25, according to insiders quoted by the U.S. news website Daily Beast, former President Trump has been paying attention to Anthony Fauci, the chief medical expert of the White House, who has been active in front of the media recently since President Biden took office.

After learning that Fauci expressed his unreleaving praise for Biden’s new administration and couldn’t help but confess that he was “liberate”, he angrily said that Fauci should have been fired earlier.

Trump: Many people are belittling his political legacy.

Sources pointed out that Trump has been closely monitoring Fauci’s every move at his home in Maarago, Florida.

And he also complained to people around him about how “incompetent” Fauci was, and it was long overdue to fire the infectious disease expert.

However, the Daily Beast added that in fact, Trump has no right to fire Fauci directly because he is a civil servant, not a political appointment.

The source also said Trump was very upset that he could not tweet about Fauci, “he even felt that there were many people trying to devalue his political legacy out of hatred for him.”

Biden and Trump have completely different attitudes on the issue of epidemic prevention.

Fauci, as the chief medical adviser, said at a White House meeting on the 21st that he believed that the new government could provide guidance based on scientific facts and would not send out “mixed messages”.

“I am honored to announce that the United States will continue to be a member of the WHO, and President Biden has reversed his decision to withdraw from the WHO.”

When asked by reporters what he thinks about Trump and Biden’s pandemic policies, Fauci said, “I don’t really want to look back, but now I can stand here and talk about science without fear of being hit, which is a sense of liberation.”

Three days later, Fauci revealed in an interview with The New York Times about his unhappiness with the Trump administration.”

Several times I issued statements, pessimistic about the trend of the epidemic, and the president called me and said, ‘Why don’t you be more active?’ Why are you so negative?’ He also told the media that he had been trying to appear on the show for months to tell the truth, but was blocked by the Trump administration.

However, as for the reason why Trump let him take a positive statement, Fauci said that the president “did not mention why he did so”.

A different dream in bed, the anti-epidemic feud between Trump and Fauci

The 80-year-old Fauci is already a senator of the Seven Dynasties in the United States.

He has served for seven American presidents, which can be said to be “the president of running water, Fauci”.

He, nicknamed “Zhong Nanshan of the United States” by domestic netizens, has also won the trust and love of the vast majority of Americans with his professional ethics and rational speech during the epidemic.

Because of his professionalism, Fauci basically stands in opposition to the Trump administration in epidemic prevention policies.

Last April, when about 60,000 people died in the United States due to the epidemic, Trump publicly claimed that “the virus will disappear on its own as usual”.

In response, Fauci said during an event in late April in Washington that “the coronavirus will come back, or even never disappear”.

Trump and Fauci at a pandemic briefing last April

Last May, Fauci gave an interview to National Geographic in response to Secretary of State Pompeo’s fictional “Wuhan Virus Theory”.

If you look at the evolution of viruses in bats and what is now outside, you will find that (scientific evidence) is very inclined to – this cannot be artificially manufactured or deliberately manipulated…

All evidence about the gradual evolution over time, point to the fact that the virus was naturally evolved and achieved a Species transmission,” Fauci said.

In July last year, a poll released by Quinnipiac University in the United States showed that 67% of the respondents did not trust Trump’s information about the coronavirus, compared with 65% of the respondents said they believed the information provided by Fauci. 

Trump is also a little jealous of this. “He has such a high approval rating because he works for the government.

Why do I still have a high federal government support on the coronavirus issue?” Trump asked loudly at a press conference last July.

Speaking of his experience working for the Trump administration, Fauci concluded to The New York Times: “I’ve been getting some death threats and they harassed my wife and children, which made me feel very upset.”