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scoring two goals in 90 seconds, Real Madrid "resurreated" in the Champions League to the finals

scoring two goals in 90 seconds, Real Madrid “resurreated” in the Champions League to the finals

by YCPress

What can happen in 90 seconds on the football field? This time it’s Real Madrid’s turn to answer.

In the early morning of the 5th, Beijing time, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid, at Bernabeu Stadium, defeated Manchester City 3:1, winning with a total score of 6-5.

It is worth noting that until the 89th minute of the game, Real Madrid was still 2 goals behind the overall score. The real-time winning rate of the TV broadcaster has even pronounced the former to death.

However, in less than two minutes, a miracle happened. In just 90 seconds, Rodrigo, who came on as a substitute in the second half, scored twice to help Real Madrid drag the game into overtime.

In overtime, Benzema, who was in hot condition this season, withstood the pressure and scored a penalty he created. In the end, Real Madrid defeated Manchester City 6:5 in total, reaching the Champions League final for the 17th time in history.

With such a roller coaster plot, many fans call this game another “reversal” in the history of the Champions League. In fact, since entering the Champions League knockout stage, Ancelotti’s team has always been accompanied by reversals.

In the 1/8 final against Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid was two goals behind with 30 minutes left in the second leg, and finally reversed the turnaround; in the quarterfinals against Chelsea, the second round was chased from 0-3 to 2:3, and finally passed the thrilling score of 5:4.

After this game, Real Madrid also became the third team in the history of the Champions League, losing one in the 1/8 final, quarter-finals and semi-finals, but finally advanced to the final.

No wonder the club officially reintroduced himself to the fans on social media after the game: “Name: Real Madrid. Occupation: Reversal.”

In the eyes of some experts, repeated reversals are often related to the club’s “UEFA Champions League background”.

ESPN football column commented, “No matter what level of team, it is not right to let opponents score two goals in a row in the Champions League final. But some clubs have the trick to score goals and win the European championship. For example, Real Madrid and Liverpool are two teams that know how to win at critical moments.

Real Madrid coach Ancelotti admitted that it sounds “strange” to complete such a reversal in front of the orderly strong enemy Manchester City. But when everyone thought the game was over, the players did not give up.” We go all out, and sometimes victory depends on some luck.

He also attributed the victory to the team’s background and the unremitting support of the fans, and revealed a little secret of motivating players to reporters. Before the game, the players watched their reversal collection this season, a total of eight times. The video ends with the words, ‘We need to do it again’.”

For various reasons, Manchester City winger Mahrez’s goal did not defeat Real Madrid players’ fighting spirit, but made them braver in the Vietnam War.

In the final stage of overtime, a scene on Real Madrid’s bench showed the team’s focus. Alabama, Benzema, Marcelo, Modric, Cross, Vinicius, Militão, etc., those who did not play, were replaced and devoted themselves.

Such cohesion may be one of the reasons why ESPN experts say that they can win key games.

Of course, Real Madrid’s success this season is inseparable from the 63-year-old Italian coach Ancelotti. After taking over the club at a low ebb last year, Ancelotti activated newcomers such as Vinicius and Rodrigo, and also awakened Benzema, Cross and other veterans. In the case of Varane and Ramos running away, he helped the team slowly stabilize its position.

In the past week, the calm but humorous Italian has accomplished two feats. Last Saturday, he led the team to win La Liga four rounds ahead of schedule, becoming the first coach in history to sweep the five major European league championships. Last night and this morning, he became the first coach to lead the team to the Champions League final five times.

In today’s international football world dominated by middle-aged and even younger coaches, An Shuai is still moving forward. Compared with endless advanced tactics, he is better at giving the team cohesion and stability, and passing on his rich experience to players.

The coach who once created the “Christmas Tree” formation and “4 No. 10” left on the shade is no longer as simple as a few champions.