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Schedule of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games announced

Schedule of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games announced

by YCPress

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee officially approved the schedule of sports at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games on April 1. The Olympic Games will open on July 26, 2024 and close on August 11, and some events will start first on July 24.

According to the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee, one of the highlights of this schedule is to enrich the athletes’ participation experience. The schedule is carefully designed so that all athletes can participate in at least one of the opening or closing ceremonies without worrying about affecting their own competitions.

The game of the three events, including handball, football and football, will start two days before the opening ceremony, that is, July 24. The first match day after the official opening, that is, July 27, the first gold medal will be born.

The two basic track and field events and swimming events will be held at Stade de France and La D’Evanci Stadium respectively, and all finals will be scheduled for prime time after evening.

Paris landmark Concorde Square will build an urban sports park during the Olympic Games. From July 27 to August 10, three-person basketball, break dance, skateboarding and other events will be held in uninterrupted rotation. Among them, the skateboarding event will be held at the earliest, and the high-profile breakdance, which debuted at the Olympic venue, will be staged.

In addition, the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games was very creatively held outdoors outside the stadium. According to the idea of the organizing committee, athletes will sail along the Seine from east to west, pass through the core area of downtown Paris, and arrive near the Eiffel Tower for a final ceremony; 600,000 spectators are expected to watch the opening ceremony on the coast.