Home Politics Sabah Khaled reappointed as Kuwait’s prime minister
Sabah Khaled reappointed as Kuwait's prime minister

Sabah Khaled reappointed as Kuwait’s prime minister

by YCPress

Kuwait City, Jan. 24 Kuwaiti Emir Nawaf appointed Sabah Khalid as prime minister on Jan. 24 to form a new cabinet.

This is the third time Sabah is appointed as the prime minister of Kuwait.

On the 13th of this month, the then Prime Minister Sabah submitted his collective resignation to Nawaf, and on the 18th, Nawaf approved the collective resignation and asked the cabinet to continue to deal with urgent matters until a new cabinet is formed.

According to Koton News Agency, the resignation came after three members of parliament questioned the prime minister, accusing him of violating constitutional provisions in forming the cabinet, failing to take into account the composition and trends of the new National Assembly, and failing to submit his work program to parliament after the successful formation of the cabinet.

Kuwait’s cabinet and parliament have long had a tense relationship.

Members of parliament have initiated several questions against cabinet ministers, and motions regarding the questions automatically lapsed after the resignation of the cabinet.

On Nov. 19, 2019, then-Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Al-Sabah was appointed as prime minister to form a new cabinet.

The cabinet was formed on December 17 of that year and will serve until December 6, 2020, when the results of Kuwait’s 16th National Assembly elections were announced.

On December 8, Sabah was reappointed as Prime Minister.