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Russia's "Most Secret Museum" was released for the first time

Russia’s “Most Secret Museum” was released for the first time

by YCPress

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Bureau opened the “most secret museum” for the first time.

The Russian News Agency reported on the 8th that in order to welcome the upcoming 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency, the Agency will introduce the history hall of the bureau to the maximum extent of the license for the first time, which may be “the most secret museum in the country”.

The History Department of the Foreign Intelligence Agency is mainly used to commemorate the outstanding intelligence personnel of Russia in the past.

The office was established on September 10, 1977, on the eve of the 100th birthday of Terzhinsky, the first leader of the Soviet National Security Council.

The History Department is composed of four small halls, each showing the relevant information of Russia’s foreign intelligence work in four specific periods.

The official logo and flag of the Foreign Intelligence Agency are also preserved in the independent exhibition cabinet located in the center of the History Hall.

In addition, the History Hall also displays important cultural relics such as original documents, rare photos, medals, weapons and personal belongings of famous Russian intelligence personnel from various periods.

The History Hall has set up a photo booth for intelligence personnel who died in the late 20th and early 2000s.