Home Politics Russian Speaker Calls on the United States: Stop Being a “Democratic Mentor”
Russian Speaker Calls on the United States: Stop Being a "Democratic Mentor"

Russian Speaker Calls on the United States: Stop Being a “Democratic Mentor”

by YCPress

January 19th local time, the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) held a spring plenary session, and Speaker Volokin made a speech on the U.S. election.

Volokin said that Russia opposes the United States teaching other countries in the tone of “democracy mentors”, especially in the context of the United States’ own political turmoil and the violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of American citizens.

Volokin pointed out that the electoral system in the United States is outdated, the whole election is not open and the public cannot be supervised.

Volokin believes that the mail-in ballot system adopted in the U.S. election cannot withstand scrutiny. The voter mailing process is uncontrollable, and who and when to mail ballots cannot be verified.

Volokin also said: “In the past, the United States interfered in the election activities of Russia and other countries and required other countries to implement so-called high-level democracy based on the experience of the United States.

However, it is obvious that the United States has not met these standards at present.”

Volokin said: “The current situation in the United States is rooted in deep-rooted divisions within society. O

ver the years, the political elites in the United States have incited people to oppose each other, and political preferences, race, religion and gender have become the leading reasons for each other to attack.

The power struggle between the two major political parties in the United States led to the smashing of the parliament and casualties.

Volokin stressed that Russia firmly opposes violence and unconstitutionality, but the United States, on the contrary, encourages and supports similar acts in many countries and interferes in the sovereignty affairs of other countries.

In September this year, Russia will hold parliamentary elections, and Russia will take all measures to prevent attempts by the United States and its NATO allies to interfere in Russia’s sovereignty.”