Russian lawmakers proposed to limit the weight of officials by 100 kilograms. Experts refuted: This is unscientific.

February 22 – Russian News Agency reported on the 22nd that Vladimir Zhilinovsky, a member of the Russian Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, proposed to limit the weight of officials to about 100 kilograms, which was opposed by the Vice Chairman of the Duma and relevant experts.

Zhilinovsky proposed to limit the weight of Russians and officials. Zhilinovsky said on the live broadcast of the Russian Communist Youth League: “For citizens who are overweight, they need to spend more money on treatment and supplementary diet.

It is recommended to set the weight standard of Russian citizens and officials at about 100 kilograms.” He also suggested that the government guide citizens to follow a healthy lifestyle, thus preventing obesity.

Gennady Onisenko, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of the State Duma, believes that height and weight are important in occupations like astronauts, but limiting the weight of officials does not seem to be very humane.

Obesity does mean an unhealthy lifestyle, but specific weight standards should not be set, but should be controlled within a range consistent with people’s height and physique.

Irgo Lebedev, vice chairman of the State Duma, also said: “The outline before the party election will not involve the requirement of limiting the weight of officials.

As to whether this provision will take effect among the candidates for parliamentarians of the State Duma, it may be useful to start with Zhilinovsky.

Russian dietary nutritionist Natalia Grigoryevna also opposed the proposal of Zhilinovsky.” This proposal is completely unreasonable. The concept of body mass index (BMI) is in medicine, and the risk of sudden death and diabetes is generally judged by waist circumference.” She added that weight is not the only standard.

There are many people, such as some officials, although they are not fat, but they still have many diseases, such as vascular diseases, cholesterol, etc.

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