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Russian Foreign Minister: Russia is ready to sever relations with the European Union

by YCPress

February 12th – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in an interview on the social media platform YouTube channel Solovyov Live that if the sanctions imposed by Brussels pose risks to sensitive sectors of the Russian economy, Moscow will not rule out severing relations with the European Union.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 12th, Lavrov said on the YouTube channel Solovyov Live: “We are ready for this if we see again (we have felt more than once) that sanctions are in certain areas that pose risks to our economy, including those most If implemented in sensitive areas.

We don’t want to separate ourselves from global life, but we must be prepared for it.

If you want peace, be prepared for war.”

Earlier, Lavrov said in a meeting with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Boreli in Moscow that the abnormal relationship between Russia and the EU is not good for anyone.

Lavrov said: “The main problem we all face is the abnormal relationship between the two major players in continental Europe, that is, Russia and the European Union. This situation is certainly unhealthy and does not benefit anyone.”

The Russian side previously recommended that foreign politicians respect international law.

On the 5th of this month, three German, Swedish and Polish diplomats were expelled by Russia for participating in protests held by the Russian opposition.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations signed on April 18, 1961, diplomats involved in illegal activities are declared as persons of non grata.

They were ordered to leave the Russian Federation in the near future.” The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “The Russian side hopes that the diplomatic missions and personnel of Sweden, Poland and Germany and their personnel will strictly abide by the norms of international law in the future.”