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Russia warns the United States that it may turn to active containment of the United States policy

by YCPress

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said in an interview with the Russian media on the 17th that if the United States does not give up its hostile approach of exerting pressure on Russia, Russia may turn to an active policy of curbing the United States.

Ryabkov said that Russia will not give up a constructive agenda towards the United States, but this cannot be a unilateral Russian action.

If the policy of the United States remains unchanged and still keeps maintaining pressure as a key element of its diplomacy with Russia, it means that Russia will turn to actively curbing the United States policy in all aspects.

Riabkov said that policies to contain the United States include confrontation with U.S. sanctions and U.S. attempts to influence Russia’s internal affairs.

In addition, Russia will also convey the idea to the international community that “the multipolar world is not an abstract concept”. It is the policy of the international community to unite health forces against U.S. diplomacy and information aggression.

Riabkov said that Russia does not understand what kind of Russian-US relations the current U.S. government needs.

Russia is willing in principle to calmly examine Russia-US relations in depth. But putting pressure on Russia will make Russia respond hard, and the United States should understand that dialogue with Russia in a tough manner is not feasible.

Riabkov also mentioned that Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States to solve the current problem of embassies and consulates of the two sides in each other.

Russia has put forward a proposal to the United States early to normalize the operation of embassies and consulates on both sides, but there are still a lot of complex problems that have not been solved.

If the United States continues to create problems with the rotation of Russian diplomatic personnel in the United States, Russia will respond, including an asymmetrical approach.

Russia-US relations have been tense in recent years, and the two countries have obvious differences on cyber security, energy security, arms control and regional hot spots.

Earlier this month, U.S. President’s National Security Assistant Sullivan said that the United States will establish a new policy towards Russia in order to more effectively counter Russia.

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova said that pressure on Russia could not get Russian concessions, and Russia was only willing to start a dialogue with the United States on the basis of mutual respect and equality.