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Russia holds surprise drills in Crimea

by YCPress

April 22, local time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu flew to Crimea for a surprise combat readiness inspection and inspected a multi-military joint exercise held there.

The exercise was conducted at the Opke range, 60 km from Fiodosia and 40 km from Kerch. The range can be used for airborne landings and anti-landing combat exercises. At the same time, ship-borne artillery systems and task forces, air forces can also be carried out on enemy target shooting exercises.

It is reported that the troops participating in the exercise include the southern Russian military region troops, the various types of synthetic group military department, the Russian Air Force, as well as the Russian air defense forces, the Black Sea Fleet shore defense forces and some warships, ships and so on. In addition, the Russian Caspian Fleet and the Russian Airborne Force also sent personnel to participate in the exercise.