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Russia arrests 16 members of Ukrainian youth extremist group

by YCPress

April 29 2021 Security services have arrested 16 members of the Ukrainian youth extremist group “MKU” who are preparing to launch attacks in Russia, the Russian Federal Security Service said Thursday.

These members were arrested in many places in Russia. The source did not disclose the exact time of the arrest. Russian security services also seized weapons, extremist clothing, violent videos, as well as data on attacks that have been carried out and planned.

According to the Russian security services, the group’s leader Krasnov in Ukraine remote control of the activities of these members. Members followed instructions to put up extremist slogans, beat, use weapons against the homeless, ordinary citizens, law enforcement officials and set fire to buildings.

The Russian Federation Investigation Commission said it had evidence of Krasnov’s involvement in a murder. Specific cases are under further investigation.

Russian security services arrested some of the group’s violent members in the cities of Voronezh, Yaroslavl and Glenjic from February to March this year.