Home Politics Rumours that Chinese army uses microwave weapons, and this wave of Indian army operations exposes its difficult situation
Rumours that Chinese army uses microwave weapons, and this wave of Indian army operations exposes its difficult situation

Rumours that Chinese army uses microwave weapons, and this wave of Indian army operations exposes its difficult situation

by YCPress

Since India took the initiative to provoke a border standoff this year, the Indian military and the Indian media have frequently released various false news to cover up the truth of the Indian army’s invasion of Chinese territory in order to seize the initiative in negotiations. 

What is striking is that this time the Indian military actually slapped the Indian media and stepped forward to refute the rumors.

According to a report by Observer on November 19, the British “Times” hyped up the PLA in August this year in the Bangong Lake area of ​​the Sino-Indian border “using microwave weapons to force the Indian army to retreat and take back the mountain without firing a single shot.” Malicious hype in Britain, Turkey and Australia. 

Microwave Weapon

Microwave Weapon The Indian media are not to be outdone, claiming that the Indian army is suspected of being attacked by sonic and microwave weapons. 

While the matter was still fermenting, senior Indian military officials denied on Twitter on the 18th, criticizing the report as “unfounded” and “fake news,” and Indian officials claimed that this statement was “Chinese psychological warfare action.” .

After following the trend and dispelling rumors, it was the Indian media who were beaten in the face, and what was exposed was the difficult situation of the Indian army on the verge of collapse on the Sino-Indian border: a dilemma.

The border standoff has lasted for nearly half a year. In the past few months, the increase of hundreds of thousands of Indian troops to the border areas has strengthened India’s confidence in encroaching on Chinese territory and has also placed a heavy burden on India.

The China-India border area is different from other places. It has entered a cold winter early, the temperature will drop to minus 50 ℃ at any time, and the snowfall caused by the continuous low temperature has reached more than ten meters. The ground transportation supply line of the Indian army has long been in a semi-interrupted state.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian army’s food and drinking problems per day are big enough for India. In severe cold, it is necessary to provide adequate protection against cold and warmth. This is almost impossible for India with limited domestic production capacity.

The Indian media themselves have reported that the U.S. military allocated 12,000 sets of cold-proof clothing to the Indian army, and India has also recycled tens of thousands of cold-proof clothing, but compared to the Indian army, which has a number of hundreds of thousands, this cold-proof clothing is obviously a drop in the bucket.

Although India has been concealing the true situation of the Indian army in the border area, from the sporadic exposure of the news, the Indian army is in a very bad situation.

There have been many tragedies of cold and frostbite among Indian soldiers. A few days ago, a photo of an Indian soldier sleeping in a snow nest was exposed online. In the night of minus 50 degrees Celsius, two Indian soldiers slept in the snow. The snow on their bodies was already several centimeters thick. As for whether they were alive or dead, it is still unknown. 

An old mother of an Indian soldier who was frozen to death also cried. Her son once complained to her that she was not able to eat enough to wear warm on the front line, but was still required to perform missions in high altitude areas.

This shows that hunger and cold have become the norm for Indian troops on the Sino-Indian border. In such a situation as the Indian army, one day longer will bring more losses to its soldiers. By the time the winter has passed, it is April or May next year. How many Indian soldiers will survive intact is still unknown. It can be said that the morale of the Indian army may collapse at any time in extremely cold weather.

At this time, hype about China’s microwave weapon attack on the Indian army will undoubtedly cause a strong panic in the Indian army. It is not impossible to cause a mutiny due to dissatisfaction. 

At this time, stabilizing the military’s morale is the primary consideration of the Indian army’s top leaders. Therefore, the Indian military can only resolutely deny unconfirmed news such as “the People’s Liberation Army is carrying out a microwave attack on the Indian army.” As for the truth, it doesn’t matter anymore.

However, the hype about the use of microwave weapons by the People’s Liberation Army against the Indian Army is quite interesting. Jin Canrong, the deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, did mention this in a recent TV program. 

To what extent microwave weapons have developed