Home Politics Rouhani: Sanctions against Iraq and “economic terrorism” must end
Rouhani: Sanctions against Iraq and "economic terrorism" must end

Rouhani: Sanctions against Iraq and “economic terrorism” must end

by YCPress

Iranian President Rouhani said at a meeting with domestic and foreign reporters held on the afternoon of the 14th local time that during his two terms as president

Iran faced the most severe economic situation, but Iran signed the Iranian nuclear issue with six countries around the world. The comprehensive agreement has helped the country defend its rights, and sanctions against Iran and “economic terrorism” must end.

Rouhani said that although some practices were aimed at paralyzing the Iran nuclear agreement, the Iran nuclear agreement successfully resisted pressure from the United States and prompted the United Nations to say no to the United States three times. 

The nuclear agreement may have some flaws, but relatively speaking, it is an agreement of very historical significance for Iran.

By signing this agreement, Iran has realized its rights. He said that the nuclear agreement is unprecedented. In the history of the Middle East, no country can negotiate with the world’s six powers like Iran and succeed under sanctions.

Rouhani believes that some people want to destroy the nuclear agreement, but Iranian officials have successfully upheld the agreement. Iran’s goal is nuclear rights and people’s rights.

The lifting of sanctions means that Iranians can realize one of their rights. The current government will not allow anyone to postpone the lifting of sanctions on Iraq. The United States must resume its commitments in the nuclear agreement.

If all other participants in the nuclear agreement fulfill their commitments, Iran will abide by all its commitments in the nuclear agreement.

President Rouhani usually holds a large-scale press conference every year. However, since the Coronavirus pandemic in Iran is still serious, this press conference only selected some Iranian and foreign media reporters to participate.