Home Politics Resolutely counterattacking Australia, China’s warning strategy is beginning to get results.
Resolutely counterattacking Australia, China's warning strategy is beginning to get results.

Resolutely counterattacking Australia, China’s warning strategy is beginning to get results.

by YCPress

According to the Global Times on December 1, when New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern asked whether he would follow Australia’s old way in an interview, Ardern said that New Zealand has always maintained “coherentness and sustainability” in handling its relations with China, and did not express any position or opinion on Australia’s lawsuit against China to the WTO.

It should be said that China’s continuous counterattack to Australia is still obvious. Many countries, including New Zealand, are more cautious about the United States’ efforts to suppress China. Although Ardern maintained a certain consistency with Morrison in the massacre of civilians by Australian soldiers, he distanced himself from extreme practices in the United States and Australia in specific matters such as trade and exchanges.

Australia is a wonderful flower in Western countries, strictly speaking, a wonderful flower on the world stage. Sino-Australia relations have developed well in recent years, and the Chinese people have a good impression of Australia. However, in recent years, Australian politicians and the media have suddenly changed their faces and inexplicably followed the crazy chase and biting China, which is more extreme than Trump.

China also tried to reason with Australia, but found that it didn’t work at all. After all, Australia is ostensibly a sovereign country, but in fact it is a semi-colonial country completely controlled by the United States. Washington is completely in foreign relations. As the “two dogs” of the United States, Australia regards biting China as the only way to show loyalty to its masters.

Since Australia has acted irrationally in its dealings with China, there is no reason for China to continue to spoil him. Countering Australia’s anti-China behavior has a very broad public opinion base among the Chinese people. Chinese society has always strongly demanded that the government impose resolute, tough and lasting punishments against Australia’s peers in trade, exchanges and other aspects until it hurts.

On November 19, Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded during the regular press conference that the Chinese people have never caused trouble and never been afraid of trouble. Whether they have “five eyes” or “ten eyes”, as long as they dare to damage China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, be careful that their eyes are blinded! In the process, we first use the craziest anti-China Australia to “sacrifice to heaven”.

According to media reports, 53 Australian coal ships were waiting to unload in China. After continuous communication from the Australian government, the number of Australian coal vessels waiting to unload has soared to 82. As of November 25, Australia’s November coal exports were 18.4 million tons, a 34% drop from October.

In May this year, China ruled that there was dumping and subsidies for imported barley originating in Australia, and decided to impose a total of 80.5% anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on Australian barley. On November 27, the Ministry of Commerce of China issued a notice that it would impose anti-dumping measures on wines originating in Australia, imposing 10 7.1% to 212.1% margin…

In the face of China’s fierce countermeasures, the Australian government was helpless, and Australian Prime Minister Morrison was completely panicked. He showed his goodwill to China twice in a row through speeches and interviews, saying that he welcomed China to play a greater role on the world economic stage, and said that Australia was not a “pug dog” of the United States.