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Coronavirus has cost human life expectancy by at least 20 million years, according to research.

Research shows that the variant virus found in the UK is at a higher risk of death.

by YCPress

A UK study to be reviewed for peer review shows that variation of COVID-19, originally found in the UK, are at higher risk of death.

The results of the study were published on the U.S. Medical Papers Archive Network last week.

The article said that the researchers analyzed the results of coronavirus tests made by 47% of communities in England from September last year to January this year and 7% of coronavirus deaths in England during the same period.

Taking into account other factors affecting the condition of COVID-19 patients, the researchers estimate that the risk of death of variant viruses found in the United Kingdom is about 35% higher than that of the earlier “version” of the novel coronavirus.

One of the authors of the article is Nicholas Davis, assistant professor of mathematical modeling at the School of Health and Tropical Medicine, University of London.

He said that the analysis showed that one in 180 people aged 55 to 69 with the coronavirus died after contracting the previous “version” of the virus; one in 140 people died after contracting the variant virus found in the UK.

Researchers say that people under the age of 54 have a lower risk of dying from the variant virus.

The variant virus was discovered by the British government in England last September and reported it to the World Health Organization last December.

This variant virus has spread to many countries around the world. Scientists say the variant virus is more likely to spread than the initial coronavirus.