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Republicans urged to “accept the election results again”, Trump tweeted: Sorry, I can’t

by YCPress

Trump just retweeted the report of the American “Politary” News Network and wrote: “Sorry, Liz, I can’t accept the election results containing thousands of fraudulent votes, which is enough to easily reverse the election. You’re just not happy that I brought the army back to where they belong!”

In the news forwarded by Trump, “Politician” wrote: House Republican chairman Liz Cheney became the latest Republican to publicly urge Trump to accept the presidential election results.

Cheney said, “The president (Trump) and his lawyers have claimed that there are criminal acts and widespread fraud, which they claim may affect the election results.

If they have conclusive evidence to prove this, they have the obligation to immediately present it to the courts and the American people.”

However, she also said, “If the president cannot prove these claims or prove that they will change the election results, he should fulfill his oath to respect the sanctity of our election process and uphold, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.”

Regarding the “army” mentioned by Trump in his tweet, the Pentagon announced on November 17 that Trump had ordered the reduction of the Iraqi garrison to 2,500, and the Syrian garrison remained unchanged.

In response, Cheney said that the move may repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration. According to the report, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the area soon after the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2011 led to the rise of the extremist organization Islamic State there.

“The reduction of troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 endangers our efforts to prevent terrorists from establishing safe havens from which terrorists can attack the United States again.”