Home Politics Republican lawmakers want to “rebellion”, but “Chinese female spies” rushed to the hot search.
Republican lawmakers want to "rebellion", but "Chinese female spies" rushed to the hot search.

Republican lawmakers want to “rebellion”, but “Chinese female spies” rushed to the hot search.

by YCPress

January 2nd local time, 11 Republican senators in the United States issued a joint statement announcing that they would oppose the vote of the Congressional Certification of the Electoral College on January 6.

As they plan to stage a final “rebellion” for Trump, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell came out of the way and criticized these Republicans as “enemies of democracy”.

However, Swawell’s operation has deflected the attention of American netizens, causing the topic of so-called “Fang Fang”, a so-called “Chinese female spy”, to be hotly searched on Twitter. Previously, the American media hyped Swarwell’s affair with “Chinese female spies”.

Republicans want to “rebellion”

According to the Capitol Hill, on January 2 local time, 11 Republican senators, including Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, announced that they would oppose the Electoral College’s vote on January 6. Vote results, unless Congress conducts an emergency 10-day review of the results.

In a statement, Cruz and others said that Congress should immediately appoint an election committee with full authority to investigate and conduct an emergency 10-day review of the election results in swing states. Once the review is completed, the states will assess the findings of the committee and convene a special meeting if necessary to confirm the changes in the voting results.

On January 6, the U.S. Congress will hold a joint meeting to formally confirm the results of the Electoral College vote, which Vice President and Senate President Pence will chair.

The 11 Republican senators said in a statement that the 2020 U.S. presidential election included “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud”. Previously, two Republican congressmen revealed to CNN that they expected at least 140 Republican congressmen to oppose the Electoral College vote at that time.

CNN pointed out that Trump repeatedly emphasized the “January 6th” time point and tested whether senators would oppose the election results on that day. Recently, Trump, who is on vacation in Florida, has returned to the White House early.

“Chinese female spies” have been hyped again

The “war” that Republicans planned for Trump seems to be on the verge of breaking out. However, the so-called “Chinese female spy Fang Fang” previously hyped by the American media also rushed to the Twitter U.S. political trend list.

On January 3, Swawell tweeted a public attack on 11 Republicans who planned to oppose the election results, calling them “enemies of democracy”.

American netizens did not buy Swerwell’s statement and “sarcastically” him.

“If the U.S. senator is the ‘enemy of democracy’, what does Fang Fang mean?”

“Fang Fang’s ‘boyfriend’ has the idea of defending democracy!”

“Fang Fang’s hot search is because of the ‘traitor’ Swarwell. He has been a ‘Chinese spy’ for four years, knowingly committing and betraying his wife and his motherland.”

“Fang Fang”, a Chinese female spy, has been hyped by the American media. She has been described as a rising California politician and a “Chinese beauty spy” disguised as an international student.

Axios News Network has revealed that Fang Fang once “targeted” “promising politicians” in the United States between 2011 and 2015 with her “personal charm” and “gentle trap”. Swarwell is a “target”.

But in fact, the U.S. media’s report on “Fang Fang”, a Chinese female spy, lacks a “real hammer”, which is mixed with a lot of speculation and association. On December 22, the Trump team was exposed to hype the conspiracy theory of “Chinese female spies” for donations.

At that time, the website “Sinocism” revealed that the Trump team appeared behind the “Chinese female spy”. The website posted emails from the Trump campaign “begging for donations”, claiming that Swarwell had an affair with “Chinese spies”.

On the same day, Swaver also said that “the Trump camp is the behind the relevant reports”.

For some time, relevant departments and politicians in the United States have frequently fabricated so-called “Chinese spies” and “data theft”. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has said that recently, the United States has intimidate Chinese students and friendly people in China, and the relevant U.S. authorities have even ordered some agencies to report Chinese espionage regularly.”

It is conceivable that such a ridiculous presumption of guilt, such a narrow and extremely abnormal mentality, will certainly lead to irrational political action by the United States.