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Republican lawmakers oppose the election results in Arizona

by YCPress

January 6th, local time, Representative Paul Gosar opposed counting Arizona’s electoral votes at a joint session of Congress to certify the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Some Republican congressmen and senators also joined the opposition.

According to CNN, the opposition will extend the regular ceremony of the Electoral College’s vote count to the evening of the 6th, or even later.

At the time of press release, members of Congress were going to the Senate and the House of Representatives for debates, which can only last for up to two hours, and each legislator can speak for up to five minutes.

After the debate process is completed, the Senate and the House of Representatives will vote separately to vote on whether to accept the objection.

Senate President and Republican McConnell said in his speech that if Congress vetoed the voters’ choice, it would “harm our United States forever”.

If the election is overturned solely for allegations of lack of evidence, American democracy will enter a “death spiral”.

Ted Cruz, the Texas Senate, who had expressed his opposition to the results of the electoral college vote, continued to call for the establishment of a committee to take 10 days to determine the validity of the vote.

According to the regulations, only by both houses voting at the same time can the electoral vote be overturned.

Because the Democratic Party currently holds a majority in the House of Representatives, it is generally believed that it is difficult for Congress to overturn the current election results.