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Relevant parties in the UK are positive about the upcoming city-wide new coronavirus test

Relevant parties in the UK are positive about the upcoming city-wide new coronavirus test

by YCPress

On November 3, local time, the British media reported that Liverpool, England, will try to carry out a city-wide new crown virus test from the 6th of this month. The relevant parties in the UK generally held a positive attitude and hoped to carry out a national promotion before Christmas.

Prime Minister Johnson said that this is the beginning of regular citywide tests for the new coronavirus in the UK and an important step towards the realization of large-scale testing operations. 

Johnson emphasized that “this may become a powerful new weapon against the new crown virus,” and finally get rid of stringent blockade regulations. 

He also said that the government will carry out this new rapid detection method millions of times from now to Christmas, and make necessary efforts for the people to spend a relatively normal Christmas.

The British health department also stated that it hopes to extend the pilot test to more cities in England within “a few weeks”, such as other areas with high infection rates, so that local governments can better limit the community spread of the new crown virus.

Lord Karan Billy Moria, chairman of the Confederation of British Industry, also welcomed Liverpool’s upcoming large-scale testing and said that the plan provided “the first real light” from the blockade.

Some British media predict that once the Liverpool pilot is successful, the city-wide virus test is expected to be promoted nationwide in the country before Christmas.

According to British media reports earlier in the day, the local government of Liverpool encourages all people living and working in the city to book new coronavirus tests online from the 3rd and go to the test center on their own according to the test date. The test will start this Friday.

Start testing at all existing COVID-19 testing sites in Liverpool, including hospitals, nursing homes, middle schools, universities, and workplaces. You can also apply for home testing kits for self-testing. 

Residents are also encouraged to conduct follow-up inspections approximately every two weeks.

Liverpool is one of the cities in the UK with a higher rate of virus infection in this round of the epidemic. At present, the number of infections per 100,000 people is 352, far exceeding the average of 153 infections per 100,000 people in England.

According to the latest official data from the National Bureau of Statistics of the United Kingdom, the number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in England last week increased by 45% compared with the previous week.

This is the highest level in a single week since June 12 this year, and the number of deaths has been seventh in a row.