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"Refreedom"! Some Australian Open players end their quarantine

“Refreedom”! Some Australian Open players end their quarantine

by YCPress

The Australian Open players, coaches and officials quarantined in Melbourne hotels have been “refree” one after another on the 28th.

According to the schedule, a number of ATP and WTA events will be held next, to build up the power for the Australian Open, which officially opened on February 8.

According to AFP on the 28th, in order to make the 2021 Australian Open safe and smooth, players, coaches and officials arrived in Australia by chartered plane and were forcibly quarantined for 14 days, and players could train outdoors for five hours a day.

However, with nine confirmed cases among arrivals in Australia, 72 players were forced to stay in their rooms 24 hours a day, and the quarantine time was longer than others.

On the 28th, the first batch of people will end the quarantine, and others will be “free again”.

Nadal, who aspires to win his 21st Grand Slam, said he felt “honoured” to participate in the competition given the global damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Williams Jr. expressed a similar view: although the pandemic prevention measures are “super, super strict”, but “they are doing it right”.

Before the Australian Open officially started, there were many games waiting for players.

On the 29th, top players such as Djokovic, Willie Jr., Nadal, Tim, Barty and Halep will play exhibition matches.

Then from 31 to 7 February, there will be ATP Cup team competitions, two ATP 250 and three WTA 500 events in Melbourne Park.

It is reported that in order to help the above-mentioned 72 players who cannot be trained prepare for the Australian Open, the organizers increased the WTA 500 from two originally planned to three, and postponed the start of the two ATP 250 and the ATP Cup by one day.

Czech girl Kovitova, a two-time Wimbledon women’s singles champion, believes that in the women’s singles, the world’s first Bati will be one of the most competitive opponents, because as a local player, she does not need to be quarantined in hotels.

However, she also said, “There is still a week of preparation time, and everything accumulated during the off-season should pay off.”