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Quang Nam Province of Viet Nam will become the country's first pilot province for "vaccine passports"

Quang Nam Province of Viet Nam will become the country’s first pilot province for “vaccine passports”

by YCPress

Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently said that Quang Nam Province will become Vietnam’s first “vaccine passport” pilot province, international tourists to Guangnan Province to travel to hold a Coronavirus vaccination certificate, after 1 to 2 new coronavirus nucleic acid tests and negative results can live in a specially planned resort.

At present, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam, has agreed to carry out this activity and submitted a programme for the reception of tourists to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam. According to the plan of Guangnan Province, international tour groups will hire separate aircraft to reach golf courses, sea tourist attractions, etc. in The Resorts of Weichuan and Shancheng Prefectures. Tour routes are designed and organized by travel agencies and take a minimum of 5 days.

According to the plan, the first phase will begin in July, and Cangnan Province is expected to receive visitors mainly from countries and regions that have done a good job in pandemic prevention, with the consent of the Ministry of Health and functional authorities of Viet Nam. Visitors to Guangnan are required to have a vaccination certificate, be accredited by international organizations and Vietnamese functional authorities, and present a new coronavirus nucleic acid test negative certificate provided by the functional authorities of the host country within 3 to 5 days prior to entry.

In addition, visitors are required to purchase health insurance worth at least 200 million dong (About 58,824) or Coronavirus pandemic insurance to cover the costs associated with the treatment and hospitalization of the local Coronavirus. In the course of tourists’ visit to Zhulai Airport in Guangnan Province, Guangnan Province will divert tourists and arrange special entry areas to restrict visitors’ contact with local residents. Visitors who do not meet the above conditions may be refused entry and cover the full cost of returning or transiting through a third country.

Upon entry, the Vietnamese functional department responsible for carrying out the task will check the relevant documents of the tourists, such as health declaration forms, residence in Guangnan and planned travel schedule. Vietnamese medical staff will assist in the health checks of tourists so that suspected cases can be detected in a timely manner and quarantined as soon as they are detected. Travel agents or hotels use specialized means of transport to pick up visitors from their places of entry. Visitors are required to take a special bus throughout their stay in Guangnan Province. Every time you pick up and drop off tourists, under the guidance of the medical department, the vehicle must be disinfected and hand disinfectant placed at the upper and lower passengers of the vehicle. Drivers, guides and visitors are required to wear masks during the tour.

At the place of residence, visitors are also required to undergo a sample test for the new coronavirus, which is paid for by the tourist or the organization organizing the tour. If the test results are positive, the Vietnamese functional organs will immediately isolate them. For visitors staying more than 7 days in Guangnan Province, two tests are required. Visitors with any suspicious symptoms will also be sent to a hotel or medical facility for quarantine at the tourist’s own expense. Visitors will be tested for new coronavirus samples the day before they leave Guangnan province, so that the province can use the results as a basis for isolation and pandemic prevention of those in contact with the tourists.

During tourism in Quang Nam Province, foreign tourists are required to comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health of Viet Nam on the prevention and control of Coronavirus pandemic.

The hotel should promptly communicate to visitors the Ministry of Health and local government security information. Staff at the hotel can only work in the international tourist area, the hotel is also required to follow up on the health of staff, staff must concentrate on accommodation and vaccination.

Emergency plans have been put in place in Guangnan Province, which has adequate medical infrastructure and will initiate emergency response mechanisms in the event of a suspected case.