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Russian President Putin will deliver a State of the Union address on April 21.

Putin denied the “palace”, someone claimed it

by YCPress

Russian opposition figures Navalny recently revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a luxury palace in the Black Sea coastal resort city, following Putin’s positive denial of this rumor on January 25, Russian entrepreneur Arkady Rotenberg said on January 30, the so-called “Putin Palace” is his assets.

According to RIA Novosti 30, Arkady Rotenberg told Russian media Mash on the same day: “Now it’s no longer a secret, the ‘palace’ belongs to me, and the construction of the apartment hotel has been going on for several years.

The history of the building is complicated, there were many creditors, and eventually I became the beneficiary.”

Arkady Rotenberg is a Russian billionaire who, together with his brother Boris Rotenberg, owns the Stroygazmontazh Group, Russia’s largest construction company for gas pipelines and power supply lines.

On Jan. 19, Navalny, who had recently returned to Russia from Germany and had been arrested, posted a YouTube video of the investigation titled “Putin’s Palace: The Biggest Bribe in History.

The video claims that Putin has built a lavishly decorated “secret palace” in the Russian Black Sea coastal resort town of Gelendzhik over the past 15 years.

Putin denied the news on Jan. 25.