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Putin and Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders discussed the Naka ceasefire by telephone

by YCPress

After Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia signed a ceasefire agreement, the current situation in the Naka region is developing towards a stable direction.

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on November 15, the Russian Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the implementation of the Naka ceasefire agreement during telephone conversations with the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia on the 14th.

The Russian side said that the leaders of the two countries explained the implementation of the agreement, and Russia expressed satisfaction with the two countries’ compliance with the ceasefire agreement and the calm situation on the front line of contact. During the telephone conversation, Putin emphasized the importance of protecting Christian churches and monasteries in the Naka region.

On November 9, the leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan signed a joint statement on a ceasefire in the Naka region. According to the statement, the complete ceasefire in the Naka region took effect on November 10. Azerbaijan and Armenia should maintain the existing situation and exchange prisoners of war, while Russia sent peacekeepers to the conflict zone.

On November 13, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova stated at a regular press conference on the latest developments in the Naka situation, saying that Russia‚Äôs starting point is to prevent transit from the Middle East to the Naka region with the participation of all concerned parties. The situation of militants. Unfortunately, so far, the transfer of militants to the Naka region has not disappeared. Russia is committed to resolving this issue and believes that all parties concerned about peace in the Naka region should make efforts to resolve this issue.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, in response to questions about the ceasefire agreement reached by Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on the Naka issue, said that a proper resolution of the Naka issue is in the interests of all parties, including Azerbaijan and Armenia. Implement the ceasefire consensus and avoid further escalation of the situation. Resolve relevant differences through political dialogue. China is willing to work with the international community including Russia to play a constructive role in maintaining regional peace and stability.