Home Politics Protests broke out in Naples Italy on the first night of “curfew”
A melee in Italy late at night: Hundreds of demonstrators shoot fireworks, police strike back with smoke bombs

Protests broke out in Naples Italy on the first night of “curfew”

by YCPress

In order to control the spread of the epidemic, at 11 p.m. local time on the 23rd, a “curfew” was implemented in Campania, Italy. That night, demonstrations broke out in Naples, the capital of the region. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the central square to protest the government’s control measures and demand financial compensation.

During the march, protesters threw bottles, firecrackers and smoking devices at the police and military police, who fired tear gas to disperse the protesters. The Naples police stated that the violent activity that night was an out-and-out criminal act, and the inconvenience caused by the epidemic prevention measures cannot be an excuse.

The Campania region is one of the most severely affected areas in Italy. According to a report by the regional chairman De Luca on the 23rd, there were 2280 new confirmed cases in the region that day, and the positive rate of virus testing reached 14%. In addition to the implementation of the “curfew” on the 23rd, DeLuca also said that it will take blockade measures together next week.