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Promote the construction of a community of human destiny in the concept and way of multilateralism

Promote the construction of a community of human destiny in the concept and way of multilateralism

by YCPress

January 29, Moroccan Health Minister Khaled Ait Talib (left) visited a hospital in Rabat and witnessed a medical staff vaccinated against the inactivated coronavirus vaccine of the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Group.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia on January 29, as of noon on the same day, there were 5,725 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country in the past 24 hours, a new high of cases in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic, and the number of confirmed cases in a single day exceeded 5,000 for the first time; the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 200,000 to 209,933.

The COVID-19 epidemic has ravaged the world, and the century-old changes have been combined with the epidemic in the century. Human development is facing new serious challenges, and the world has entered a period of turbulent change.

Against this background, whether the countries of the world choose integration or separation, cooperation or strife determines the future and destiny of mankind, and the international community looks forward to listening to rational voices and responsible solutions.

January 25, President Xi Jinping attended the “Davos Agenda” dialogue meeting of the World Economic Forum by video.

In a special speech entitled Let the torch of multilateralism illuminate the way forward for mankind, he stressed that the way out is to solve the problems facing this era and maintain and practice multilateralism and promote the construction of human life.

Transportation Community. This provides a very enlightening and constructive way for the international community to get out of the current predicament at an early date, and points out the direction for reshaping the world order in the post-epidemic era.

The acceleration of world multipolarization has become a historical trend.

Under the impact of the epidemic, mankind is suffering from the worst economic recession since the end of World War II.

For the first time in the history of major economic sectors, the operation of the global industrial chain supply chain has been blocked, and trade and investment activities continue to be sluggish.

At the same time, social conflicts and political instability caused by economic difficulties have also spread in many parts of the world. In the process of coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic development, the world has become more and more clear that mankind has entered an era of interconnection.

The interests of all countries are closely linked and their fates are closely linked. Global threats and challenges can only be addressed through strong global cooperation. No country can benefit from the difficulties of other countries and reap stability from the turmoil of other countries. If you look at the fire from the other side of the river, you will only lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot in the end.

The COVID-19 epidemic has fundamentally shaken the hegemonic order based on the “superpower” of the United States after the Cold War.

During Trump’s administration, the United States downplayed the harm of the epidemic at home and did not take effective prevention and control measures, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, resulting in the world’s largest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States; attacked and withdrew from the World Health Organization in an emergency, destroying the global health governance system; engaged in the “politicization”, “stigmamination” of the virus, wantonly Smear and attack other countries, pass on your responsibility for ineffective anti-epidemic; seize international anti-epidemic materials, and use the epidemic to promote “decoupling”, threatening the safety of the global industrial chain supply chain, etc.

All these unilateralist practices not only undermine the overall situation of global solidarity and fight against the epidemic, but also weaken the status of the “world leader” of the United States unprecedentedly since the end of World War II. The accelerated evolution of world politics to a multipolar system has become an irresistible historical trend.

So, in the future multipolar world system, what concepts and ways should countries get along with each other and work together? In this regard, China has answered to the world twice and four years apart.

January 18, 2017, President Xi Jinping delivered a historic speech entitled “Building a Community of Human Destiny Together” at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, proposing that multilateralism is an effective way to maintain peace and promote development, stressing that China’s determination to support multilateralism will not change, and advocating that the international community should be in partnership.

Department, security pattern, economic development, civilized exchange, ecological construction and other aspects have made efforts to jointly build a community of human destiny.

The speech attracted great attention and warm response from the international community. In the past four years, although the international situation has changed greatly, China’s original intention to seek unity for the world, development for mankind, and promote the construction of a community of human destiny has always been unswerving, and the pace is always steady and powerful.

Four years later, on January 25, 2021, President Xi Jinping once again issued a voice of China at the moment in Davos, emphasizing that we should adhere to openness and tolerance, not engage in closure and exclusion, adhere to international law as the basis, do not engage in self-reliance, adhere to consultation and cooperation, do not engage in conflict and confrontation, adhere to keep pace with the times, do not engage in self-conceit, and clearly As the concept of multilateralism, as a guiding principle to promote the construction of a community of human destiny, multilateralism once again contributes China’s thinking and wisdom to mankind’s early recovery from the crisis, showing the broad feelings and responsible responsibility of a great power to help the world.

How to promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism

To promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism, we must replace the old thinking of win-win, win-win and win-win with a win-win new concept, win-win, establish a partnership of equal treatment and mutual understanding, and open a new road of “dialogue without confrontation, companionship without alliance”.

Countries should respect each other’s sovereignty and core interests, abandon ideological prejudices, cultivate and strengthen mutual trust, bridge differences through dialogue, and solve problems through consultation.

We must not bully the small by big, bully the weak, the rich overpower the poor, bully other countries through exclusion, threats, intimidation, etc., or decoupling easily by means. Unilateral means such as withcution of confessions and sanctions artificially create mutual isolation or even isolation.

To promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism, it is necessary to create a security pattern of justice, joint construction and sharing, break the cold war mentality with a new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and maintain world peace and security.

It is necessary to fundamentally change the traditional thinking and behavior of maintaining national security through alliances or the establishment of military groups in international relations, abandon hegemony and power politics, and oppose engaging in “small circles” and provoking a “new cold war”.

Facts have proved that whether it is a “hot war” of military conflicts, a “cold war” such as trade war, financial war, scientific and technological wars, it is not conducive to the resolution of differences between countries or even various global problems. On the contrary, it will only push international relations to a more tense and dangerous situation.

To promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism, we must seek the development prospects of openness, innovation, tolerance and reciprocity, adhere to the spirit of openness to promote mutual help, mutual benefit, and realize the “true development” and “good development” of sustainable development.

An international system with severe polarization between rich and poor and prevalence of unilateral profit-seeking can only breed peace and stability, but only conflict and confrontation.

All countries should follow the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, carry out benign competition on the basis of fairness and justice, reject narrow policies and protectionist behaviors that are neighbors, selfish, abandon one-sided practices of monopoly development advantages, guarantee the equal right to development, and promote the common development and prosperity of the international community.

To promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism, it is necessary to promote harmonious and different and eclectic civilized exchanges, replace the “clash of civilizations theory” and “the theory of superiority of civilizations” with a colorful, equal and inclusive new concept of civilizations, and promote the mutual learning and harmonious coexistence of civilizations.

Any civilization exists subjectively in the process of creating world history and has made unique contributions to the development of human society. No one civilization can completely exclude other civilizations and exist independently.

Each civilization is in a mutually constitutive relationship. It is precisely because of the diversity of civilization that the progress and prosperity of human society have been promoted. Countries should be mutually inclusive in culture.

They should not regard their own civilization or culture as “a superior person”, nor should they regard their own political system and civilization as “univalent value”.

To promote the construction of a community of human destiny on the basis of multilateralism, it is necessary to build an ecological civilization system that respects nature and develops green. All countries should work together and do their responsibilities to open a new path of green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development. Human beings live on the same planet.

It is the common responsibility of governments and peoples to protect the common earth home of all mankind, and it is also an objective requirement to achieve the common well-being of all mankind.

To this end, developed countries should consciously abide by various multilateral environmental conventions and agreements, provide necessary support and help for developing countries to transform their economic growth patterns and reduce the environmental impact and damage of economic development, and assume more responsibilities and make greater contributions in global environmental governance.

Developing countries should bear corresponding responsibilities on the basis of the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, and cannot pursue short-term economic benefits at the expense of the environment.

All countries should actively implement the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 to address climate change, not only to promote green development, but also to ensure that all countries, especially the vast number of developing countries, can share development results equitably.

At present, in the process of promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, the most urgent task facing the international community is to carry out international anti-epidemic cooperation on the basis of multilateralism and defeat the epidemic as soon as possible. China has taken the lead in controlling the epidemic and resumed work and production, becoming the only major economy in the world that has achieved positive growth and the cornerstone of the smooth and stable global supply chain industry chain.

In accordance with the principle of people first and life first, China has so far provided anti-epidemic assistance to more than 150 countries and 13 international organizations, sent 36 medical expert groups to countries in need to share useful experience in epidemic prevention and control with other countries, actively supported and participated in international cooperation in vaccine research and development, and promoted vaccine development.

National accessibility and affordability have made an important contribution to helping the world defeat the epidemic as soon as possible and completely.

Thousands of sails passed by the side of the sunken boat, and thousands of trees were springing in front of the sick tree. Human society has become more and more closely linked. No country can be alone in the face of global risks and challenges. In fact, the countries of the world have formed a community of “you have me, I have your destiny”.

The core essence of multilateralism is that everything in the world is discussed and done jointly by everyone, and the future and destiny of the world are jointly controlled by all countries.

Whether it is to deal with current crises such as the COVID-19 epidemic or to solve long-term problems facing the international community such as peace and development, it is the only way to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind on the basis of multilateralism.

Looking forward to the future, China will always stand on the right side of history, always be a loyal builder of world peace, an active contributor to global development, a common defender of the international order and a firm supporter of multilateralism, and make a lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, tolerance, clean and beautiful world. New and greater contributions.