Home Politics “Prohibiting the president’s social account”, Brazil’s domestic voice is getting louder and louder
"Prohibiting the president's social account", Brazil's domestic voice is getting louder and louder

“Prohibiting the president’s social account”, Brazil’s domestic voice is getting louder and louder

by YCPress

President Trump’s Twitter account was permanently banned after the violent riots in the U.S. Congress.

After that, many people in Brazil called for the ban of the country’s President Bolsonaro’s social media accounts, claiming that Bolsonaro used social media to create chaos.

According to the Guardian on the 17th, recently, politicians, scholars, Internet celebrities and others in Brazil have called on Twitter and other social media to block Bossonaro’s account.

Twitter blocked Trump, and we also need to silence the Brazilian man.” Brazilian left-wing Congressman Marcelo Freixo urged social media companies to impose restrictions on the accounts of the Brazilian President.

Felipe Neto, a well-known Brazilian “Internet celebrity”, questioned: “Everyone needs to abide by the rules when spreading content on social media. Why don’t the presidents need it?”

Brazilian critics accused Bossonaro of repeatedly using social media to undermine democracy, encourage anti-democratic protests, and urged supporters to buy guns to prevent “servitude”.

In recent months, Bolsonaro has questioned Brazil’s electronic voting system, some of whom believe that if he fails to re-election, he will refuse to accept the voting results like Trump did, with unpredictable consequences for the country.

Brazilian science and technology columnist Pedro Doria wrote that it is disturbing that technology giants have the right to ban the president.

But Bolsonaro’s unbridled use of social media to advocate political division is equally deeply disturbing.” If Trump is banned by Twitter for inciting supporters to cause riots in Congress, Bolsonaro may be prepared to do the same thing and cannot wait for him to really act.

However, the ban on Trump’s account on social media such as Twitter has also been criticized by many politicians.

Brazilian Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Bolsonaro, accused Twitter of “murdering freedom of speech”.

Mexican President Obrador compared Twitter’s ban with the trial at the Spanish Inquisition.

German Chancellor Merkel also thought that the decision of social media platforms to close Trump’s account was “problematic”.