Home Politics President Xi Jinping made three suggestions on Afghanistan
President Xi Jinping made three suggestions on Afghanistan

President Xi Jinping made three suggestions on Afghanistan

by YCPress

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a joint summit of leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states on Afghanistan by video in Beijing on the afternoon of July 17.

Xi made three suggestions on Afghanistan: First, to promote a smooth transition in Afghanistan as soon as possible. Support the early conclusion of inclusive political arrangements through dialogue and consultation among all parties in Afghanistan. Urge the afghan authorities concerned to resolutely combat terrorist organizations in the country, to completely eradicate them by means of both specimen and treatment, and to prevent the terrorist forces that are ensnanizing Afghanistan from being the scourge of the Quartet.

Secondly, engage in dialogue with Afghanistan. From a rational and pragmatic point of view, we will interact with all Afghan parties to guide the new afghan regime to be more open and inclusive, pursue a moderate and sound domestic and foreign policy, and live in friendship with all countries in the world, especially with neighboring countries.

Thirdly, help the Afghan people through the difficult times. Humanitarian and anti-epidemic support should be provided to Afghanistan in a timely manner to help the Afghan people ease their plight.

China has announced the shipment of a batch of emergency aid as soon as possible and will continue to provide more assistance within its means. As the originators of the difficult situation in Afghanistan, some countries should learn from the past and assume responsibility for the future development of Afghanistan.